Russia wants to transfer ICANN functions to the UN

    The main issue of the WCIT ( World Conference on International Telecommunications ) conference , which will be held in December this year in Dubai, will be the discussion and revision of the principles of ITR ( International Telecommunications Regulations ). Adopted in 1988, before the widespread use of the Internet, these rules today do not correspond to existing realities.

    Representatives of leading telecommunication market operators and various governments are expected to attend the conference. Although the participants' proposals have not yet been officially announced, the press has published a lot of reports about the Russian side’s intentions to transfer the authority to manage the domain system from ICANN to the UN.

    Thus, control over the “critical international resource”, which Russian officials consider the domain space, will pass from one state (USA) to a non-governmental international organization (UN).

    It is expected that representatives of Russia will put forward a proposal on equal voting rights and equal access to identification services for all participants in the domain space.

    It will also be proposed to provide each country with sovereign Internet governance in its territory, with limited ICANN authority for non-US segments.

    Iran and China are reportedly supporting these initiatives.

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