Be careful when dialing a Russian number from the eight

    Yesterday, MTS had a hardware error, due to which a call to number 8 (xxx) xxx-xxxx could be withdrawn as for an international call to +8 (xxx) xxx-xxxx. Check the details of your accounts - you can order it in the online assistant. Perhaps such an error could have occurred to someone at another time and / or to other operators. Personally, I spent 350 rubles this way in a 5-minute call.

    After contacting tech support, they told me that this was really their mistake. “Most likely a hardware error, possibly due to the weather.” The stars did not agree, apparently. They made a request for a refund, which returned within a day.

    Such errors are another argument for transferring all Russian phone numbers in your contact books to +7 (xxx) xxx-xxxx.

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