Yandex closes the Bar

    The Yandex company stops distributing its Yandex.Bar service, which extends the capabilities of the browser. A press release was released today that stated that instead of “Bar,” the Yandex.Elements extension , introduced in June 2012, will be offered . The novelty compares favorably with a less overloaded interface, which does not clog the browser (many functions work in the background). Other distinguishing features are the search bar integrated in the input line and the “Scoreboard” function to speed up access to your favorite sites.
    By analogy with the “Bar”, “Elements” contain various indicators notifying the user about weather, traffic jams, new letters, as well as a service for translating from one language to another and switching layouts.

    “Elements” can be used in almost all modern browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera) and in Yandex’s own browser. Already installed versions of Yandex.Bar can be updated to a new product. It is no longer possible to download the Bar from official sources, the project has been declared permanently closed.

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