Photo Fair in St. Petersburg

    From the 25th to the 28th of October, the Photo Fair was held in St. Petersburg. I am surprised that so far no one has written a single post about such a large-scale event. I managed to visit the fair only on the final day. Yes, and I photographed there, mainly only girls advertising all sorts of new fashionable gadgets. Therefore, I decided to publish this post on Friday.
    Summary of the review:

    Under the cut a lot of photos and a little text.

    Canon and Nikon show off their top cameras and lenses. You could go up to the second floor, insert your memory card into the camera and feel several hundred thousand rubles in your hands.

    Rough sales of photo and video equipment were everywhere.

    Master classes were held in separate halls, where masters of photo art shared their secrets. One could take rather unusual pictures or just watch a beautiful performance.

    Wherever you look, signs and logos are everywhere. Literally hanged on top of each other.

    On the second floor were exhibited the work of famous photo artists.

    Someone was filming video reports.

    At the Polaroid booth, you could see (except for the updated line of cameras with instant printing) tricks with balls.

    Two acrobats performed at the Samsung booth. I admit honestly - I looked, opening my mouth. The guys are doing SUCH things. I remembered about the camera when the performance was almost over.

    Pentax products were advertised by people accustomed to an active lifestyle.

    And of course, there were a lot of beautiful girls at the fair. Girls in dresses, in skirts, dancing, walking with guns, posing or just smiling.

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