TechCrunch: Crunchies Awards 2012 launched. We nominate Russian projects!

    You know, I really love Russia. True, sometimes, not thanks, but contrary. And yet, I really want to be proud of our athletes, scientists, engineers and, of course, the developers of Russian Internet projects. So when I opened TechCrunch today and saw that the 6th annual prestigious Crunchies Awards 2012 startup had started , I decided to write this short post.

    Over the past few years, only the results of this award were covered on Habré. But not a word about its beginning. I would like to change this and offer the habrasociety not to miss such an event and make an effort to prove that our developers and managers are able to create truly cool international projects. So that in January 2013 in San Francisco at least one Russian team would enter the Davies Symphony Hall stage during the awards ceremony! Moreover, there is such a nomination as “Best International Startup” .

    Of course, as the founder of Ivideon, I would like to see us there and ask you to vote for our project . But at the same time, I will be very happy if as a result there will not be Ivideon, who has recently become a laureateCloudAward-2012 , and any other cool Russian team that you can also support! The main thing is that it complies with the rules .

    Suggest good Russian projects worthy of the Crunchies Awards - 2012 in the comments and don't forget that there are many ways to go forward and only one to stand still!

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