Some impressions of Surface

    Yesterday I went to the Microsoft Store and twisted the Surface a bit in my hands to decide whether to buy it or not. It was “Surface with Windows RT,” built on an ARM processor. A pro version compatible with x86 applications will be available only in a few months.

    It is noticeable that Surface enjoys certain popularity; visitors to the Microsoft Store are no less than to the Apple Store, which is located very close by. It took me a few minutes to find a free device and a free consultant.

    Nearby, the Surface makes a more pleasant impression than you might have thought after reading some reviews. That's where the Windows 8 interface is in its place - it is here, very thoughtful and convenient! In addition, Surface has a killer feature - full USB support! But, nevertheless, Surface has some disadvantages. Here are a few things I noticed ...


    1. Build quality.

    Surface looks brutal - sharp corners, rows of screws are visible under the folded stand; Content before Chrome in action! This does not scare me, for example, I love Lenovo ThinkPad laptops, which with their appearance are able to bring some to hysteria. But the presence of small, but quite noticeable by the eye, gaps between the elements of the case somewhat spoils the impression - Apple products in this regard look better.

    2. Folding stand.

    Unlike the iPad, which requires a cover to install it on the table, Surface has a built-in stand. The body material is hard, the stand does not bend or stagger. But what will happen to her if I drop the Surface on the floor? .. I must say that I dropped my iPad several times.

    3. Type Cover.

    It seemed to me that tactile sensations could have been better. However, this is a matter of taste. But I categorically did not like the fact that the keyboard is not fixed in any way when folded. By the way, the consultant in the store said that I was not the first to pay attention to this, and perhaps this shortcoming will be corrected.

    There are other problems. Say, the lack of 4G and GPS confuses me a lot. In addition, I noticed that when typing in Word, a tangible time elapses between pressing a button and the appearance of a character on the screen ... Not enough processor power?

    In general, the device turned out to be quite funny, but it is still not clear whether to buy it or not. It is possible that tablets on Windows 8 from other vendors will be more interesting.

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