The new neat three-panel Yandex.Mail interface for business correspondence

    Yandex launches Trinity - a new mail interface that saves time in business correspondence.

    In the new interface, all letters open on one page, they are immediately grouped by topic. For example, if there are already many letters and participants in the correspondence with the subject “Preparation for the presentation,” the entire discussion is easy to read in the form of a tape on one page. This interface allows you to focus on the main thing - fast reading letters and working with them.

    It was based on the usual view for email clients: the list of letters and the letters themselves are located on one page. For this, the familiar Yandex.Mail design and its functionality were completely redesigned. We removed everything that is not directly related to working with mail: advertising, design themes, additional settings, postcards and videos.

    The design is concise and rigorous. You can choose how to display the list of letters - vertical or horizontal , as well as adjust the width or height of the blocks to your taste.

    The new interface is in beta mode, but available without invitations: anyone can turn it on now in Settings . In the near future, Trinity will be offered by default to all Yandex.Mail users for the domain . For all others, changes will occur only at their request.

    The new interface has been tested internally by Yandex employees - many of us have long used it, for example, for correspondence in corporate mail.

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