Making Russian MSDN even better!

    Any programmer who creates solutions on the Microsoft platform uses the MSDN website. This library contains the most current information about Microsoft products and ways to solve a wide variety of tasks. In order to make this information even more accessible, MSDN is translated into many languages, including Russian. Part of this translation is carried out by professional translators, and part automatically, using machine translation. Modern algorithms allow you to translate specialized texts with very high quality, while very accurately observing the terminology base. But all the same, sometimes annoying misunderstandings arise even in manually translated articles that “hurt the eye” and which I would like to correct. For some time now, this can be easily done using MSDN Translation WiKi.

    Your opinion is important to us!

    The initiative to collect feedback on the quality of translation originated a long time ago, and gradually turned into a convenient tool for improving the quality of MSDN, which can now be used by Russian-speaking users. The most important thing in this case, of course, is the convenience with which you can offer your own translation option. Agree, write letters and indicate links to the article and the place in the text that needs to be corrected is not at all the option that would be of interest to someone. In fact, all these actions are possible in just two clicks.

    First you need to go to the MSDN website under an account and specify the “Simplified” mode of operation in the settings:

    Now you just need to move the cursor to the text that you think needs to be fixed and see a pop-up window asking you to enter your translation option:

    By clicking on the “Offer a better translation option” link in the window, you can enter your translation option and send it for moderation:

    At the same time, when you open the editor, you will see all the unapproved translation options that may have been contributed by other users. Once approved, the best option will be published on MSDN.

    In the future, if the article was translated using machine translation, the approved version will be used everywhere in contextually similar language constructions, thereby significantly improving the quality of translation of other articles.

    Why might this be of interest to you?

    • You will help improve the quality of automatically translated materials in the MSDN library
    • You will increase the number of available localized content for developers
    • You can test your technical knowledge and language skills.
    • You will be able to receive points and awards for translation work in the MSDN profile promotion system
    • You will become a valuable member of the translation community

    You can learn more about the editing program for the Russian section of MSDN at

    Encouragement for editing.

    All your approved translation options will be reflected in your MSDN profile. Points and awards are awarded for translations and moderation. Below is an example of the rewards available.

    Community members who have submitted suggestions for editing text can also be recognized as Microsoft Community Contributor. The Microsoft Community Contributor is awarded for significant contributions to the Microsoft online community, such as TechNet, MSDN, and Answers. You can learn more about this status at .

    How to become a moderator?

    Moderators approve or reject translation options, and can also give other users the title of moderator. Any translation sent by the moderator is automatically approved, so moderators must have excellent translation skills. If you want to become a moderator and send more than 10 translation options, send an email to and we will consider your application.

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