AWS: Amazon Linux 2012.09

    Most recently, an updated version of the Amazon Linux distribution - 2012.09.
    Main features of the update:
    • Kernel 3.2.30
    • Implemented support for several versions of Apache and PHP and their combination. Apache 2.2 + php 5.3 is installed using the regular yum install httpd php command . Apache 2.4 + php 5.4 - yum install httpd24 php54 .
    • The programming language R 2.15 has become available in the repositories.
    • OpenJDK 7 can be installed yum install java-1.7.0-openjdk .
    • Support for additional network interfaces .
    • Support for different versions of GCC.

    Let me remind you that Amazon Linux is a fork of CentOS, which is mented and released by AWS. From my own experience I will say that this distr is no better than the original CentOS. Despite this, I try to always use Amazon Linux on all projects, if possible. What do I like about this distr:
    • Enterprise Linux is free.
    • Support for all AWS features.
    • Stable work and updates.
    • A warm feeling in your stomach when you think that you are being taken care of.

    I would like to discuss what and how you have with Amazon Linux. Who uses it on large projects? What are your impressions?

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