Facebook Integrated Like-A-Hug Vest Hugs When You Like

Original author: Matt Burns
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Only abnormal people like real hugs. These people are probably using some kind of drugs, just enjoy the hug of another person. This is too vulgar. Touch, emotions, germs. In the era of the Internet, traditional hugs are ridiculous. They are out of date. For everyone else, a Like-A-Hug vest has been developed, integrated with social networks. After every “like” received on Facebook, this vest is inflated a bit, giving you a little comforting hug.

Of course, this is all for fun. Like our hatred of a real hug. As stated on the site Like-A-Hug Melissa Chow Kit from MIT, this concept serves to overcome the inconvenience relationships at a distance, and chat restrictions. Like LovePalz , only without lubrication.

Like-A-Hug gives you the opportunity to share feelings, said in a video demonstration. And it is true. If this thing was real, it could transfer interactions on the Internet into real life. It may be joyful, or maybe unfortunately, but thanks to the Internet we can now express our feelings in different ways. Sometimes you just want to express your feelings by putting a “like” under someone’s status, instead of listening to his phone story about a bad day over the phone. Like-A-Hug gives your click a tangible feeling.

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