Automatic captcha input - theory and practice of conquering the Internet

    In 2011, the 75th anniversary of the term “spam” was marked by the introduction of captcha 200 million times DAILY!

    All these inputs are a consequence of the struggle of site administrators with spam bots.

    Automating the captcha recognition process for many people who are actively doing business on the Internet is an urgent problem. You can relate to such businessmen and specialists as “bad and annoying spammers”. However, stopping the spam posting process, at least in the foreseeable future, is not possible.

    Link marketing here fully and uniquely combines the solution of the tasks of promotion, increasing the reputation of the site being promoted in the eyes of search engines. This happens for the simple reason that every link to a site (including from a spam post) increases its position in the results of Google, Yandex, etc. Therefore, this method of "killing two birds with one stone" is beneficial initially. And a significant part of Internet businessmen should not struggle with spam posting, but try to use it for their own purposes.

    So, the relevance of solving the problem of "bypassing captcha" is beyond doubt.

    The task is automatically solved when conducting companies in manual mode, by hiring hundreds of posters. But to talk about the effectiveness of this method, if not today, then tomorrow will not have to. Yes, the problem of entering captcha for the customer is really not relevant here. But organizational, time and financial costs with this method of action do not stand up to serious criticism.

    Therefore, it is not the first year that specialized software products have been actively developing - automatic posters. Some of them are quite well-known in the market (the same XRumer), some are developed and used only within some firms. In the case of using automatic poster, the solution to the problem "how to bypass the captcha" is possible in two ways:

    • its manual entry or use of services where recognition is performed by human operators;
    • Complementing the software of the poster with automatic captcha recognition modules.

    Manual input

    We note immediately that manual input is unacceptable for serious posting volumes.

    Captcha recognition today can be entrusted to special services (for example, antigate). The issue price is $ 1-2.5 per thousand recognitions. The disadvantages of this method include:

    • fixed financial costs for each posting company;
    • large time delays in recognition. On average, captcha services promise to conduct recognition in
      5-20 seconds. Although this is already a lot, but in fact this time can turn out to be much longer.

    A positive feature for this type of service is independence from the type of captcha, since recognition is carried out by a real human operator.

    Software recognition

    Today, a difficult theoretical and practical problem is the development of artificial recognition systems for graphic images. Optical character recognition, as applied to captchas, is not such a simple task as recognizing scanned or handwritten text, because captcha developers apply effects to characters so that program recognition becomes impossible.

    However, despite this, the creation of captcha recognition programs is our specialty. Of course, this activity can be treated differently, including negatively, however, we understand that thanks to our programs, comments on blogs are automatically posted, SMS messages of an advertising nature are sent, and email accounts are registered for subsequent spam. But what we do can be compared with the sale of knives - you can cut bread with a knife, or you can kill someone ... Is the knife manufacturer or seller to blame? .. Everyone has their own opinion ...

    A universal software product for recognizing any type of captcha does not exist. Therefore, the software of automatic posters is sequentially supplemented with modules for recognizing its necessary varieties. The development of such software is carried out by individual teams, for example, we . In our portfolio, a demonstration program for captcha input is not presented for one type only. Of particular interest are the development team for the CMS Bitrix captcha (officially - 1C-Bitrix). This CMS is not just popular in Russia, but ranks first among paid circulation "engines". Naturally, the “hacking” of Bitrix captcha
    Interested and interested in many experts. In 2006, there was even a successful attempt to perform such an “operation”. However, then the developers of CMS Bitrix changed the type of captcha, and so far it has remained invulnerable. As demo programs from clearly demonstrate , now this problem is solved with rather high indicators - 64% and 60% for different versions of Bitrix. Don't you think these figures are high enough? Indeed, other types of captcha software released by our team of programmers are recognized with a probability of up to 90%. There is really no limit to perfection. But these indicators are high, sufficient for work. Note that the use of captcha service also provides correct recognition only in 80-95% of cases.

    Fig. 1 - Recognition of the old version of captcha CMS Bitrix

    Fig. 2 - Recognition of a new version of captcha CMS Bitrix

    How much does it cost to develop a program for recognizing captcha? $ 100-500, depending on its type, complexity. Note that this is a one-time waste. Thus, unlike captcha services, automatic recognition allows you to seriously win the issue price. In addition, a significant time gain is also provided: recognition by software rarely takes more than a second.

    We remind you that you can see all the “CAPTCHAs” made by us on our website in the portfolio section .

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