Lviv asks to provide Java the status of a regional language *

Original author: Orest Nikiforuk
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Mow is a couple of grapevines,
Treat Java with a saw thirst.

Despite the fact that this news lies in the plane of humor (and partly even political satire), you can not ignore it. I undertook to put together and translate some of these fun materials that today walk around UAnet.

It all started with the UaReview website - where fictional news is regularly published. As usual, part of the online media picked up the baton and published the news at home. In short, it was a fictional Lviv programmer Vitaly Popov, who wrote in his petition to the Lviv City Council:

“Lviv belongs to cities with a very developed IT cluster,” says the programmer. “My colleagues and I regularly use the Java language, and it’s natural that we began to replace some words, phrases and even whole sentences in Ukrainian with analogues from this programming language . In addition, since 1995 Java has been rapidly gaining popularity - now a virtual Java machine can be found both on the rover and in household appliances. If the city council of the city of Lviv satisfies our petition, then this will become a precedent. I admit that our colleagues writing in C #, C ++ or PHP will require the status of a regional language for them as well. ”

However, after this already a real programmer Alexei Khilkevich (as it turned out he is 1ex) registered a petition for the Lviv City Council, demanding: “Grant Java a regional status in Lviv!”. The petition is currently signed by more than 160 1000 1150 people.

“Highly skilled Java programmers constitute an absolute minority of the population, and, under pressure from society, are deprived of the right to communicate in their native language, which is why they are forced to use one or more other languages.

There are frequent cases when programmers could not call their children common names in the Java community (Gosling, Bloch, System, Object, Trad, Hashcode - the most famous examples among many). Also, according to recent studies, in Lviv there is not a single comprehensive school where students could study Java, is an obvious violation of their constitutional right to receive education in their native language, ”the appeal says.

“The recognition of Java as a regional language will protect the right of Java programmers to communicate in their native language, provide them with legal protection to use it in court cases, when communicating with local authorities and in everyday life. On a national scale, this will also contribute to the comprehensive and deep development of the national IT industry, increase the overall level of education in the country and strengthen the role of Ukraine as a state with high innovative potential. ”

If you support the idea of ​​granting Java the status of a regional language, then it is not too late to sign the corresponding petition :)

* not really ;)

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