Vkontakte turned off IPv6 for web services

    The network responds, but not a single web service is running.
    Network VK.com:
    route6:          2a00:bdc0::/36
    descr:           VKONTAKTE SPb Net
    origin:          AS47541
    mnt-by:          VKONTAKTE-NET-MNT
    source:          RIPE # Filtered

    In DNS records VK.com appears only one ipv6 - 2a00: bdc0 :: 1

    PS VKontakte! Either enable web services on IPv6, or delete entries in DNS AAAA.

    Vk.com is already being given over ipv6. Get another ipv6 from userapi.com

    Upd2. 10/01/2012
    It seems that everything works.

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