Russian Post will work faster in 2 years

Only the day before yesterday I read a post on the hub which claimed that the Russian Post began to work faster, but after devastating comments, the post mysteriously disappeared.
Today, at a government hour in the Federation Council, Arkady Dvorkovich announced that the organizational problems of the Russian Post and the problems with the delivery time of the items would be resolved in two years. Dvorkovich expressed confidence that the enterprise management has every opportunity to solve its problems in time. Soviet specialists will help organize the delivery of Russian Post, who “know how this process should be organized,” he added.
In my opinion, two years to solve problems with mail is already too much. For such periods, it is possible not only to solve problems, but also create a new state postal service. Perhaps I’m mistaken in something, I would like to hear the opinion of the community on this issue. What is it? Regular unfulfilled promises or effective measures to improve the work of mail.

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