Do the problems of tmlidov in St. Petersburg differ, find out at Saint TeamLead Conf

    In February of this year, we held the first conference for tmlids and about tmlides. The conference was attended by over 500 people. The main result can be considered that, in principle, the community acknowledged the existence of a problem , as evidenced by the number and composition of issues that were raised at the round table (we wrote about this in the   review ). Since there is a problem, you need to look for its solution, which we are planning to do in the framework of Saint TeamLead Conf in St. Petersburg on September 24 and 25 . Receiving applications for reports is still underway, and it’s too early to talk about a specific program. Let's talk about the objectives of the Program Committee, recall the conference held, and also talk about what awaits us at the end of September in St. Petersburg.

    Let's start with the problem . For whom and why this conference? Teamlead Conf is primarily focused on those who are called team leaders, team leaders, teams.

    In each company, the specific functions of the team can vary greatly and include what in other cases is the responsibility of the project or product manager. Anyway, this person is necessary and important for the group of people who were called a team to be really a team. It is these guys who are moving the main production forward, but at the same time they find themselves in a heavy information vacuum, because the areas in which problems need to be solved go beyond writing the code.

    In my opinion, a team leader is the closest person to direct managers. is he He knows his people best , the subtleties of production processes, and in most cases, he is the most qualified engineer and  is able to solve the most complex tasks . At the same time, he should be able to understand his people, manage them, solve and control the implementation of a huge range of very different tasks.

    Georgy Mogelasivlli (, a member of the Program Committee, noted the importance of soft skills:

    This person is responsible for the processes, the resolution of conflicts, the elimination of blockers, etc. Plus, its functions include taking care of people and their development. Timlid is a wagon that makes life a little better.

    But Grigory Petrov (Voximplant) believes that the development team is mainly planning the development process, and the project manager is responsible for organizing the people, and they all need a product.

    To work with complex IT projects traditionally distinguish three roles:

    • The product manager knows what the market needs and communicates with users. He knows what to do.
    • Timlid - the main development team leader. His main skill is to transfer from programmer to humanitarian and vice versa. He communicates with the product-manager, learns the tasks, gives feedback about technical limitations, tells about terms and risks. Together they choose a development strategy. Another team leader monitors the overall architecture, but this is secondary - he can also follow it with the hands of the developers themselves.
    • The project manager, another PM, is a specialist in organizing people. It ensures that they work together, they are in conflict, they receive bonuses on time, they do not go to hard drinking, finally. He helps the team leader to hire and fire fighters, monitors water and cookies, moderates stand-ups and meetings, organizes work logistics, ensures that tickets are placed and all that.

    Sounds great and a little fantastic. In general, the conference program will suit all three: the subject includes a toolkit of the team leader, task planning, hiring employees and much more. For engineers and managers of a higher level, there will also be a lot of useful information.


    The list of topics that are somehow affected in the work of the team leader, which we tried to compile, was placed on 5 pages. I will give some big blocks:

    • Work with the team (delegation, motivation, relationships with employees).
    • Planning and assessment of tasks.
    • Work on yourself (planning your work, development, overload).
    • Technological process (technical debt, code review, refactoring).
    • Production culture (what it is and why we need regulations and reports).
    • Work with knowledge.
    • Expansion of the team and dismissal.

    And that is not all. Therefore, in the subject of speeches, we do not greatly restrict future speakers — the main thing, as always, is practice and experience . The option “I have read such an idea, and it may turn out to be workable,” is absolutely not ours. We are waiting for stories on the principle: “I tried to do it like this. It turned out what I am ready to talk about. ”


    On the one hand, we recognize that for the dry information people most often go to the Internet, and not to reports. On the other hand, the experts of the Program Committee carry out the selection, help the speakers prepare and make the report as useful and qualitative as possible. In other words, the likelihood that a professional answer will be received in response to your question increases dramatically, but, as you know, “dvol in details”, so I’m not even advertising as an important and indisputable advantage of personal participation in the conference and backstage communication - You have the opportunity to ask experts and find answers to your questions, ask for opinions from people who are doing what you are and have the same problems, and most importantly, have a solution.

    On TeamLead Conf in Moscow, networking was more relevant than ever. The community has grown to discuss topics related to technical leadership, so there were even more participants than expected, and all of them were not random onlookers. Everyone tried to find a solution to their problems and actively used the available tools.

    Networking is very memorable to the speakers.

    • As at all other conferences, networking and communication with participants and speakers are the most important for me.
      Yegor Tolstoy (Avito)
    • Personally, the meeting and conversation that happened between the reports and at the party came to me most of all. A lot of people with similar pain, and everyone is trying to help each other - great.
      George Mogelasivlli (
    • I spoke, and the rest of the time I joined up on the sidelines, it was very interesting.
      Grigory Petrov (Voximplant)

    Some were so pleased that, as a wish, they said they simply did not make it worse - and everything will be cool. That will not work :) We will definitely improve and make the conference better.

    What's new

    Last time, much attention was paid to the issues of scaling up development, vertical growth, and indeed attempts to deal with terminology. At the conference in St. Petersburg, we, first of all, will try to make the program more systematic and balanced . We will highlight the tracks in directions so that the listener can consistently discover for himself the topic of interest from and to.

    Plans to cover related issues of HR, product management, and to uncover some of the tasks of psychology: how to work with people, how to confront conflicts, how to develop emotional intelligence, etc. As shown by the last event, IT people listen with great interest to ichars and other specialists not directly from the IT world.

    Call for Papers

    Conceived not to implement without cool speakers . With the proviso that it is not in the sense of those who know how to hang noodles smoothly — we don’t take such people, but practitioners who, on their own skin, have experienced everything they are talking about and do it with burning eyes. It is absolutely not important from which company a person is and what his position is, if what he is talking about is useful for a wide circle of people. It could be a small startup that came up with a unique team building system, or it could be a corporation that talks about problems when working with 1000+ employees.

    One of the ideas of the future conference is to reveal as many different points of view as possible.. That's why we invite speakers from different companies, not even from the IT business, team leaders and directors, representatives of HR and coaches in psychology to become speakers. In short, everyone whose experience in building and managing effective teamwork may be useful to the team.

    Do you have something interesting and effective that can be useful to your colleagues? Would you like to brag about your achievements and secrets and share them with the community? Or maybe you are still not completely sure that you are right and want to hear from others? Do you need advice or expert assessment in order to correct something in your processes and methods? Join and send the application . The program committee accepts abstracts until 10 August .

    The selection is strict, but fair, and for those who have passed it, we try to make the task as easy as possible to make a terrific report. We take care of the costs associated with arriving at the conference, conduct trainings and webinars for future speakers, and organize a special program.

    Take part

    To summarize, in the autumn Saint TeamLead Conf we will definitely bring something new, because we already know our audience, we know what kind of pain they are experiencing. And, most importantly, we will find the answers - honestly!

    More than 50 applications have already been received  , so there is no doubt about the quality of the program. Booking tickets in advance is beneficial, companies can schedule a conference visit for several employees, and approve the list of participants closer to the event.

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