Yandex presents a new service for choosing clothes

    Today, Yandex presented its new service. Now on the site it will be possible to find goods from several large online stores in Russia and Ukraine.


    In the online hypermarket, you can select, compare and view the position of goods at the same time in all stores. You can see all the models of your favorite brand, and a convenient filtering system will help to make a purchase.

    Yandex will check all stores, checking the reliability of the availability of goods, prices and delivery times.

    Alexey Avdey , head of Yandex.Market:“When choosing clothes, a person first looks at the thing itself, and only then at the label and price tag. And unlike household appliances, where technical specifications are important, clothing should, first of all, be appealing to a person.

    The new service is based on the ideology of Yandex.Market, the largest aggregator of online stores in Russia and Ukraine. But now we have focused on the visual choice: in the search results you can immediately see how a thing looks, but if you want, you can zoom in and examine it in more detail. ”

    Yandex employees were the first to experience the new service, showing all the details of the search for the required clothes together with the " Where to go in Moscow " service in the new online hypermarket on the screen, and then on the podium.

    In my opinion, the service turned out to be simple and convenient, perhaps the functionality is small, but I think that Yandex has everything ahead, because a similar service with goods (Yandex Market) is considered one of the most successful, so the fact that we’ll ever an analogue of a foreign Amazon will appear.

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