Articles that are excluded from the Wikipedia section in Russian, may appear to the world in Russian-language Wikipedia

    Now in the Wikipedia section in Russian (, which for many sake is simply called Wikipedia or Wiki, purges are made of materials deemed unacceptable by the administration or users. I will not go into the insider (there is now a trend of increasing encyclopedicism by excluding insignificant articles from the encyclopedia , for example, articles about characters from fictional worlds).

    This process continues for several years as the Wikipedia community grows, and has gained special strength in recent years, now a large number of articles are deleted daily. But among the articles, except for garbage (spam, blank or incoherent pages, unfair changes that occur due to the openness of the project), there are normal, well-written articles that are simply not suitable for Wikipedia in its current realities.

    Many were simply outraged by the decisions of Wikipedia administrators, and the team of Russian-language projects with a low threshold of significance, mainly due to the efforts of the leader of the Russian-language Wikipedia projects Vyacheslav Afinogenov, decided to keep all the valuable articles in the Wikipedia “ ALL ” (about everything) and “ Novopedia ” (“Wiki-toilet” for different creative). In some ways, this is a return to the traditions of the long-stalled “From Under the Knife” project, in which quality Wikipedia articles after deletions were preserved in other projects where their existence did not go against the rules.

    The approximate number of articles that will appear to the entire Internet after the first stage of saving articles (in order not to save any garbage that even after automatic cutting by some criteria remains, all articles are checked by several people with their hands) - 100 thousand articles - this is about 10% of the size current Wikipedia, and far exceeds the number of articles in any of the Russian-language Wikipedia. If you are interested in the good removed on Wikipedia, stay tuned for updates to the New Pages autogenerated page in Novopedia and ALL!

    The LiveJournal blogger also proposed another way to accumulate free knowledge: to save the “Internet Facts” and other materials of Wikipedia articles that are currently not welcomed in ALL, for example, original studies. To begin with, he created articles “ Vladimir Protasenko ”, “ Lie Lie Lie ”, “ Verkhnedvinsk Museum of History and Local Lore ”.

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