DIY bathroom music

    Good day.

    In the spring, hands finally reached repair in the bathroom. When collecting requirements for future functionality, an idea was born, but not add to the bath the ability to listen to music? For example, play media content from a home NAS. I liked the idea of ​​“music in the bathroom”, and I went to google to see what solutions exist.

    Following the results of the whole event, he decided to share information and the results of his work.

    At home, like most of you, a local area network with Wi-Fi.
    Home NAS (Synology) stores the entire collection of photos, music and movies.
    TV, Home Theater Receiver, PS3 - all have a LAN-out and content from the NAS can be played on any monitor from any device from TV to phones.

    Google issued several workflows, and a couple of forums where issues were resolved on their own.

    0) Best Tip - First Tip

    To the question “how to organize music in the bathroom?” Google said:
    Leave the door open and put on your stereo.
    You can’t argue.

    1) Bring a radio or tape recorder with you

    I don’t know which tape recorders are currently being produced, but for sure portable devices, online radio and even docking stations for telephones can solve the problem of listening to music anywhere with a certain level of sound quality and security for devices.

    2) Active bluetooth speakers

    A lot of different options for implementing this scheme. And built into the ceiling, and freestanding, and even floating in the bath with you. There are many of them, and this option, by the way, may please someone. And this Duck is simply incomparable. We are not talking about sound quality.
    Separately, I will highlight the Ishower product ( YouTube issuance ). Take a look.

    3) Use the power of the recreation center

    Uses an existing home theater receiver with zone switching. Two sets of acoustics are connected to one amplifier, one is located in the hall, the other (for example) in the bathroom. I must admit, I was tempted to implement such a scheme on my Denon 1912. It has the ability to zone broadcast, and an unofficial, but pretty working application for android, which allows you to control it from your phone. But I prefer the principle of system independence, so I did not dare to impose additional functions on the receiver.

    4) Zoning

    Decisions are not collective and relatively expensive. The first step to the "Smart Home".

    Sonos ( manufacturer's video review )
    Allows you to install a single content translator and local wireless players in each room (in each zone). Further, music is broadcast independently to each zone of its own (or common to all). Everything is controlled from a phone, tablet or special console. Expensive, but worthy. I must say, a couple of days I’ve come to terms with this option, but the hypnipus won.

    Iport ( component mini-reviewer )
    For those who like to get confused a bit more, I recommend watching Iport components.
    The prices for the components in total exceed the comfortable ones, and the scheme for me is a bit complicated, but it fulfills its task. At the same time, the phone becomes not just a control panel, but also a source of content.

    None of the ready-made schemes I liked. Either wretched or expensive. And if I can partially measure with the second, then I did not want to have the first. Therefore, evaluating my strength, I decided to assemble the installation myself.
    The scheme is as follows:
    - A tablet on the wall as a control monitor
    - Built-in ceiling speakers
    - A stereo amplifier for high-quality sound

    The tablet

    Without inventing a bicycle, I took the Chinese Ainol tablet (I bought a new one by the announcement on the forum).
    - lack of buttons on the front.
    - screen size (7 "),
    - front camera (2mp)
    - Android 4.0.
    - Price
    Cost - 5000 rubles



    The choice is small, I bought built-in waterproof speakers. I took a couple of Visaton FRS 10 WP / 8 in a famous store. I did not forget 15 meters of a normal audio cable and 4 terminals for attaching a cable to the speaker pins.
    Together in the area - 5,000 rubles


    The speakers are passive, so you need a stereo amplifier. At the request of "miniature stereo amplifier" - found FiiO A1. Cool toy with good potential and reviews. This unit (IR) has, in addition to RCA inputs, a linear one. You could use it, but I did not.
    The price is 5500 rubles.

    The circuit is assembled and verified.

    In the ceiling, where hidden light will be laid, I inserted a hatch, invisible from below, in order to have access to the equipment in the future. There will be an amplifier behind this door, and immediately one of the speakers is built under it. The thick 32nd corrugation will go vertically down the wall. It will be laid audio conduit and power for the tablet.

    The corrugation could be taken thinner, but I thought that an extra duct in the built-in technique would not hurt. I did not regret a second, because then twice I had to replace the cables in an already walled corrugation.
    Made a seat for the tablet and the future frame to the desired size. Both the tablet itself and the frame are held on magnets (they have to hold well), so you do not have to peel or break anything to disassemble the entire structure. I bought magnets at a hardware store in the fasteners department. The white wires to the left of the tablet are electrics.

    The tablet was placed flush with the tile, and then I took a penny-sized photo frame that was suitable in size and dopped it (expanded from the back in the right places) so that when planting the frame on the magnets would be pressed against the tile on the wall as much as possible, closing all seams and covering all the connectors. It was worthy only from the third attempt.

    Everything is ready for the first run.

    We finish the tiles around the remaining space, and you can assemble the entire structure.

    From the first time, it didn’t work either way either: the tablet’s power cable had a straight plug and didn’t want to fit into the frame (well, you understand me). Therefore, I had to remove it and find the L-shaped adapter (here the 32nd wide corrugation came in handy).
    After the final check, the installation can be disassembled and hidden until all dirty repairs in the bathroom are completed.

    Well, that's what happened in the end.



    Pros and cons of the results of the month of practice:


    - Play any content (streaming audio, video from NAS).
    - Good and loud sound, the acoustics of the bathroom contributes.
    - In addition to music, all the other features of any tablet are available (, twitter, weather, clocks, YouTube, traffic jams, voice search)
    - Thanks to the IP surveillance camera (it is connected to the NAS) I can see the picture from the street without leaving from the bath. I can’t open the truth.
    - Multitasking. Music plays in the background while I watch traffic jams or the clock is on.
    - Stylish, although made with your own hands.
    - Easy replacement, repair. It is easy to pull out, wipe, replace.
    - Does not heat up (checked specially)


    - There is no remote control (remoot)
    - If the tablet breaks, you will have to change the hole in the wall, if I do not find the same.
    - There are no power buttons on the face, if you need to "put it to sleep" - you have to remove the frame. it's not complicated, but magnets are not very fond of often.

    Thank you for your attention, I have only one question left for a respected audience. Are there programs (apps) for remote control of one android using another? Maybe this will solve the issue with remote control?

    Upd (09/14)
    Exactly 2 years later, I’ll be noted for those who asked about the reliability of such a system.

    Everything is good. Everything works.
    The most commonly used applications are:
    - MediaHouse (Pro) for streaming music from a home NAS-a.
    - PlanetLounge and Something classic - for quiet music from Internet radio stations
    - Youtube - for its purpose

    + Maps, Mail, Clock and Metronome (for music rehearsals).

    I continue to be pleased as an elephant, because brushing your teeth with Ska-p or Trivium is better than in silence.

    Upd (09/15) Fireworks
    , Internet.
    3 years, normal flight. But compared to my last phones and tablets, it works very slowly.
    Google.Music never started, Yandex.Music - does not have horizontal orientation.

    Upd (09/16)
    Good evening. I will continue the tradition.
    4 years without a single break. I am already inclined to the idea that the tablet will soon become obsolete and stop supporting modern programs than die from dampness.
    Google Music, by the way, did not work.

    Upd (09/17)
    And again an update from my boudoir. The system works like a clock. Slowly but surely.
    Five years passed, and I never climbed into the hatch above to check the amplifier.
    He probably already found his mind in the dust and darkness of so many years.
    Everything works except Google Music.

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