Yandex opens a vulnerability search program

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Yandex announces the "Bug Hunt". This is a program for finding vulnerabilities in web services and in Yandex mobile applications for iOS and Android. Anyone can try to find security problems in them and get a cash prize for this. It will be from 3,000 to 30,000 rubles (and in special cases - even more), depending on the severity of the vulnerability discovered.

Security problems that are accepted for participation in the competition and can be rewarded are technical shortcomings that can be used to violate the integrity or confidentiality of user information, as well as change access rights to it.

Take part in the program can users from any country. The field of activity is huge. You can search for vulnerabilities on Yandex services in the,,,,,,,,, domains except the People service). The list of mobile applications includes Yandex.Maps, Navigator, Music, Taxis, Mail, Market, Metro, Photos, Electric trains and Disk. More information about the competition can be found on the page .

Yandex has already attracted its users to search for vulnerabilities. A competition was announced last year.that took place over a month. About fifty people took part in it, the winners received a monetary reward. This time, Yandex does not limit the researchers neither in time nor in the number of prizes.

Yandex Information Security Service.

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