Technology Day and express school for students in St. Petersburg: September 28 and 29!

    Dear Habrapeterburgers!

    This year I would like to live in St. Petersburg! Indeed, there in the summer of 2013 the international final of the Imagine Cup competition will be held . And that’s why we are launching this year’s contest in St. Petersburg, as a big student’s technology day, held as part of SPIF on September 28, 2012. And the next day, September 29 , you can come to New Holland at the Windows 8 student express school , where you learn how to create applications for this new operating system in one day.

    Registration for student technology day
    Registration for express school

    Technology Day will be dedicated to new student opportunities. Here are the reports you can attend:
    • Microsoft - technology of unique opportunities! Windows 8, Imagine Cup and other odds you should not miss. Alexander Lozhechkin, Director of Strategic Technology, Microsoft
    • The ideal Imagine Cup project is how to come up with it and defeat it. Exchange of experience from Imagine Cup teams
    • Student innovation. Sam Rosenbalm, Director of Business Development, Microsoft
    • How to believe in your idea and become successful. Gaidar Magdanurov, Head of Technology Entrepreneurship, Microsoft
    • 8 Principles for Microsoft Student Success Evgenia Levinskaya, Student Specialist, Microsoft
    • Our (without) cloud future - how not to stand aside Dmitry Soshnikov, Technology Evangelist, Microsoft
    • Windows 8: what is wonderful for students of technical and non-technical specialties Vladimir Kolesnikov, Technology Expert, Microsoft
    • Digital Design Philosophy Alexei Fedorov, Windows Marketing Manager, Microsoft

    The event starts at 10:00. Register and come! You can take with you friends of humanities girls - most of the speeches will also be interesting to them!

    In order to practice the development of applications for Windows 8 and talk in more detail on the topics of the Imagine Cup, we are waiting for you (already without girls, because they will be bored) at the Windows 8 Express School in New Holland . Be sure to bring along the idea of ​​the application that you would like to create, as well as laptops with Windows 8 and Visual Studio 2012 installed - together we will develop a prototype application in one day, which will not be embarrassing to speak at the Imagine Cup. If you want to get access to DreamSpark and the Windows Store there for free application placement - bring a student card with you. Also requestregister in advance , because the number of places is limited.

    See you soon!

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