Russian Post - new Wishlist for 10 billion

    At the end of October, the Duma will receive a draft law “On Postal Communication”, which says about the creation of the “Unified Electronic Postal System”, thanks to which citizens and enterprises will receive official electronic mailboxes.
    Boris Onikul (author of the idea), who oversees the postal industry, said: “Russian Post guarantees that only you can get a personal email address and password from the mailbox by presenting your passport. Also, Russian Post can guarantee protection against unauthorized access to personal mailbox. " The head of the Information Democracy Development Fund, Ilya Massukh, who previously held the post of deputy head of the Ministry of Communications, estimated the creation of a system of 100 million postal addresses at 10 billion rubles. Official estimates of how much money can be spent implementing a unified electronic mail system are not announced.
    Such mailboxes can be issued by any state-authorized universal postal service operator (and he is our only one - “Russian Post”) on the basis of a subscription agreement. From these mailboxes it will be possible to forward correspondence and money transfers to the bank, exchange letters between private individuals, forward and print legally significant documents. PR will act as an “electronic notary”.
    Finally, official mailboxes will allow government agencies to save on shipping by partially translating letters issued for signature on the Internet.
    Will it be necessary to verify the authenticity of the digital signature, or the case will be limited to just a mailbox - not yet reported.

    As for me, Russian Post should learn how to start doing its job - delivering regular letters and parcels on time, and only then start accepting payments for apartments there, selling phones, antiviruses, and creating a dubious email system.

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