Techstars Startup Digest: 10 free IT conferences, meetings and hackathons in Moscow

    Hi, Habr! Today I prepared a selection of free events to be held in Moscow in the next couple of months. These are conferences for IT specialists, meetings for marketing specialists and entrepreneurs, and also hackathons for startups and developers.

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    Why do we need such collections

    Every day in our country dozens of events for IT specialists take place and, what is good, there are more and more of them. On the other hand, to visit everything (even for a particular topic or direction) is simply not physically possible. Plus, it is often difficult to find a worthwhile event for which you would not have been asked for space money.

    The choice of the most interesting is a task that we have been solving for several years within the framework of Moscow. We select relatively inexpensive, and most often free, but useful events that will help you to upgrade your skill, technology start-up or just chat with experts.

    Moscow Techstars Startup Digest- this is a weekly mailing of events for startups, developers, designers and, in principle, all those who are interested in the topic of IT, UI / UX design and everything from fintech to blockchain and AI systems. Most recently, we talked about the history of this project.

    So, let's go to the digest.


    Yandex: Visiting Alice

    When: Mon. July 16.
    What time: 10:00
    Where: office "Yandex", ul. Lev Tolstoy, d.16

    Recently, the developers of Yandex announced that any company will be able to train voice assistant Alice. At this meeting, they will tell you how Alice can be useful for business, agencies and web development studios. You will learn how to work with an assistant in practice.

    #tceh: Office hours - content marketing

    When: Mon. July 16.
    What time: 14:00
    Where: #tceh, Lubyanka travel, 19, building 1

    Office hours - that's 30 minutes of personal communication with experts. Here you can contact directly with content marketing experts for technology companies. What can be discussed: where to start, how to work with the media and talk about your startup in English. without serious expenses.

    HSE INC: {consult}

    When: Tue, July 17
    How much: 19:00
    Where: HSE, Kirpichnaya, d.33, p.2

    Event for the founders of startups from different industries: from IoT to media. Representatives of the HSE Business Incubator will help bring order to your head: they will ask the right questions about your project and direct your thoughts on the right track. Project managers who are at the idea stage or in the process of scaling can benefit most from the meeting.

    FRII: IT-entrepreneurs, investors vs

    When: . Wed, July 18
    How much: 18:00
    Where: FRII Str. Myasnitskaya, 13, p.18 The IIDF was

    interviewed by three hundred founders of Russian IT businesses - they revealed the main features of a startup and identified its “pain points”. This evening they will put pressure on these points to spur the development of young projects. The main topics of the evening are: how to effectively develop a company in the venture capital market and whether it is worth asking investors for help.

    GameNode: Conference and hackathon

    When: Sat, July 21 - Sun., July 22 What time
    : 9:00
    Where: Yota Arena, Dmitrovskoye Highway, 27,

    r . 1 GameNode is a mix of conference and hackathon, the organizers of which combined two advanced Modern industry: game design and blockchain. Experts will talk about trends in the gaming industry, and developers will demonstrate their skills by creating games using blockchain technologies. The total prize fund of the competition exceeds 1 million rubles.

    #ActionLoft: Machine Learning

    When: Thu, July 26 What time
    : 19:00
    Where: #ActionLoft, Butyrskaya Street, D.46

    The meeting will focus on Data Science and Machine Learning, or rather, on experts in the industry. Here you can understand the search and selection of DS-specialists in the state.

    HSE INC: Is it possible to prepare for the future?

    When: Thurs., July 26th.
    What time: 19:00
    Where: Cinema "Pioneer", ul. Krymsky Val, 9

    Gulnara Bikkulova (Deputy Director of the Foresight Center, HSE) will tell you what trends scientists and mastodon companies analyze in order to plan their activities in the conditions of actively developing technologies and constant updating of business models.

    Aug. Sept

    HSE INC: about the development of data analysis, MO and AI

    When: Th., August 9
    How much: 18:30
    Where: Cinema "Pioneer", st. Krymsky Val, 9

    Experts of the National Research University Higher School of Economics will give listeners a historical insight on the development of MO, AI and big data over the past 5, 20 and 200 years. Lecturer - Alexey Natekin, founder of Russia's largest Data Science and Machine Learning community - Open Data Science.

    Crocus Expo: MOBILISTIC'18

    When: . Wed. August 29 - Sun, September 9.
    How much: 10:00
    Where: Crocus Expo, Moscow region, Krasnogorsk, st. 16, International

    For the first time in Russia: modern solutions and fantastic concepts of moving people and things from point A to point B. Flying cars, drones, traveling into space - that's all. At the festival, you will experience how the electric revolution will change the lives of people - they will give you a ride on an autonomous bus and drive a Tesla Model S.

    Mail.Ru: Moscow Data Science

    When: . Sat, 1 September
    How much: 11:00
    Where: Group is, Leningradsky Prospect, d.39, p.79

    In plans to open the academic year on mitapom Data Science. Plans: workshops, reports, special sections and new formats of communication that you can offer yourself. The program is still being formed, so if you want to speak as a speaker and share your experience , you have such an opportunity .

    You can view the calendar of events and subscribe to the newsletter in Moscow  here  (here is a recent example of the  newsletter ). If you know about cool (and affordable) events for IT professionals and entrepreneurs, you can add them for consideration  here  (registration is required) or tell about them in the comments to this post - this is much more convenient.

    This Thursday we launched our audio podcast [ iTunes , Web ]. The guest of the first issue is Sergey Baryshnikov - the founder of the media group. We talked about the development of the project, content production, working with partners and future plans (short video teaser on IGTV ).

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