Yandex scored on their cards?


    In recent weeks, there is a feeling that Yandex has scored on its cards.
    Below are some observations about this.

    The question arose because of the banal idea of ​​planning a route to an airport. But it would have been banal and uninteresting if the route had not been laid in the city of Vladivostok to the terminal that had just been put into operation, and from the new terminal to Russky Island ...

    A rather interesting zagulina got out here:

    Yandex offered to travel about a kilometer through sea water, despite the fact that the bridge Russky Island has been open for motor traffic for about a month and a half ...

    Although, in theory, the route should have looked something like this:
    (painted by hand for clarity).

    After the trip, it became interesting, why did such a squiggle appear at all?
    I began to look carefully at Yandex maps:

    Of the three bridges built over the past 4 years in Vladivostok (2 cable-stayed and 1 low-water), not one is indicated on Yandex maps ...

    Well, well, maybe they are not visible from a great distance and if you choose a different scale, then they will surely appear: A
    miracle did not happen. In vector, the map of Vladivostok has not changed.

    Well, look at satellite images:
    Hmm ... Satellite image roughly corresponds to the beginning of summer 2010 ...

    Let's take a closer look at satellite images from Yandex maps of the world's largest cable-stayed bridge on Russky Island:
    Well, for sure, satellite images of two years ago.

    So, maybe Google knows more?
    In general, yes, Google’s satellite images are a year fresher than Yandex’s, but still irrelevant, because significant changes.


    Horseradish with him with Google. The company is American, they do not care about Russia, they probably have not heard about Vladivostok. But Yandex is a domestic company. After 10 days, there will be a summit of the heads of state in Vladivostok, a bunch of journalists will come and they will try to look for routes on maps out of habit ... And they’ll find hell with this approach ...

    Although, wait, maybe there are no fresh satellite images of Vladivostok this year, because the objects have only just been built ...

    And then, what is this?
    How clearly the difference between 2011 and 2012 is visible ...

    Or a bridge to the Russian island closer:

    Or several bridges at once:

    Those. satellite images are there, simply large companies are dumbing ...

    And while the giants are dumbing, the well-known in narrow circles hosting company from Vladivostok draws its cards with bridges and airports :

    Just look with what love the details of the bridges are drawn:

    Or the bridge to the Russian island:

    Verdict for the current state for Yandex:

    I am ready to take my words back if, until September 5, Yandex corrects the current situation, namely:
    1. Download the latest satellite images of the city of Vladivostok;
    2. The vector will draw the objects that appeared before the summit (bridges, airport, campus on Russky Island, new roads);
    3. Make high-quality routing on the updated map of Vladivostok.

    The power and resources of such a giant is more than enough to cope in a short time.

    If someone doubts that the bridges are built and cars drive on them, then you can see a small photo selection made on the route, which was discussed at the beginning of the article.

    At the moment (18-00 in Vladivostok), the post has gained more than 70 comments and 115 votes (75 minus).
    Thanks to everyone who made sensible suggestions.
    Now a few sober thoughts:
    There are many good and not very good cards:
    Yandex mapsgoogle maps2 GISOSMmaps.vl.ruYandex folk cards
    Vector map renderingNot allNot allIn detailIn detailIn detailIn detail
    Satellite imageryThere are 2010Have 2011нетнетнетнет
    Snap to coordinates for navigationthere isthere isthere isнетнетthere is
    Traffic and traffic drawingthere isнетнетнетнетнет
    RoutingYes, but inaccurateYes, but inaccurateThere is in the desktop versionNotNotSimilar to Yandex cards

    Somehow some are good, something else, but the closest to the ideal (at least for Vladivostok) are Yandex maps.
    The following things are not enough to be ideal:
    1. Update satellite imagery;
    2. Update the vector rendering (add new ones);
    3. Update the drawing of routes.

    Again, we are talking about the city of Vladivostok, because IMHO, upcoming events and investments by the state and other investors over the past 4 years, the money deserves the attention of not only different Navalny, but also such monsters as Yandex.

    There is a suspicion that Yandex is already preparing updates for Vladivostok before the summit, but I could be wrong. At least the company should have enough manpower and resources. Just with relatively small investments, you can now get positive feedback for the company in a couple of weeks. Or you can score and do nothing and then there will be less and less positive reviews ...

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