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Original author: Guido van Rossum
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Now that PEP 572 1 is ready, I want it to be the last PEP for which I had to fight so desperately when faced with so many people despising my opinion.

1 PEP or Python Enhancement Proposal - offer for Python extension.

PEP 572 will remain in history not only as the last PEP of the Guido van Rossum era, but also thanks to a new assignment operator that caused an ambiguous emotional reaction from Python users.

I would like to completely exclude myself from the decision-making process. I will still be available for a while as a regular senior developer 2 , and I will continue to mentor 3 , I will even have more time for this. But in essence, I am sending myself on constant leave from the position of the Generous Life Dictator 4 , and from now on you will be on your own.

2 Senior Python developer - Python Core Dev, a person who has the right to commit without review directly to the master. Signs a special agreement. Accepted a complex process.

Gitkhub shows 590 contributors to the master, of which 67 are komitili and mergili to the master in the last month.

3 Mentori - to teach, suggest, help beginners to understand everything.

4 A generous life dictator - a term coined by chance on the day when the first official Python organization was formed in the mail group and Guido van Rossum did not get any “normal” position.

Someday it should have happened anyway, in the end this notorious bus 5 always lurks around the corner, but I don’t get younger. (I will not tire with the list of all my health problems).

5 This refers to the expression "bus factor" - the bus factor, or the risk factor associated with the fact that a key figure of an enterprise or project may suddenly die or lose its capacity. Usually indicates a lack of distribution in decision making and the presence of excessive concentration of power or responsibility in the hands of one person.

I will not assign myself a successor.

And now what will you do? Create a democracy? Anarchy? Dictatorship? Federation?

I am not worried about daily decision making in bug tracker 6 on GitHub. My opinion is asked very rarely there, and usually there is no particular need for it. So with this, I think you can just work as usual.

6 GitHub issues

Questions that are now probably the most important:

  • How will PEP decisions be made?
  • How new people will be accepted into senior developers

Maybe we can also arrange these processes as PEP, it can even result in something like a constitution. But what's the catch, I leave you all (current committees) to deal with it yourself, without me.

Please note that Rules 7 remain , if you don’t like this document, all you have to do is voluntarily leave this group 8 . You may still have to figure out how to kick 9 people from this group, as well as from python-devand python-ideas, since they also obey the Rules.

7 Rules of the Python community (CoC, Python Community Code of Conduct)
8 This means the mailing python-committers where this message was published.
9 Kick - exclude from any online community, deny membership.

And finally. I remind you that the archives of this group are public, although the membership is closed (only senior developers can write).

I will be here, but I give you everything to figure it out for yourself. I'm tired, I need a very long break.

Guido van Rossum (
July 12, 2018
Python-committers Mile Mailing


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