Ya. Subbotnik: BEM in the development of interfaces

    September 8, 2012 in Moscow will be the first this fall, Y. Subbotnik.

    It will be devoted to the BEM ecosystem, which appeared and is developing in Yandex.

    Employees of the Moscow and Simferopol offices of Yandex will talk in detail about the existing components and share their vision of the future of BEM.

    Come, listen, ask questions and talk about professional topics over a cup of coffee.

    On our J. Subbotnik you will learn about:
    • the history of the creation of BEM;
    • template engines in general and BEMHTML in particular;
    • introducing BEM into existing systems;
    • mixes;
    • I-bem.js and why it is needed;
    • block testing;
    • automatic assembly and bem-tools.

    In addition, interactive stands will be waiting for you, which we will talk about additionally.

    Program and abstracts of J. Subbotnik

    Participation, as always, is free, but registration is necessary.

    Registration for the event ends on September 7 at 18:00 Moscow time.

    Limited number of seats.

    For those who will not be among the participants or who will not be able to personally attend Y. Subbotnik, an online broadcast will be organized .

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