Advertising phishing site in Yandex.Direct and fake Skype

    Yandex.Direct has pre-moderation, but is there a solution to such a problem as a fake advertised site. In principle, in any advertising network where advertising is placed by the customer himself, this is possible.

    The request " Skype secret emoticons ", the request "install Skype" the same result.

    Image with the result:

    Advertising goes to , which in turn refers to, which in turn is hosted in Russia.

    The signature of the site says: “This site is not an official site of the Skype program. The official website is All materials are provided for review. ”But who will read this signature. The design of the site completely copies the official Skype site.

    Obviously, this is phishing and site spoofing.
    The file size is ~ 8mb, which is several times larger than the standard file from Skype (~ 1mb) [ there is also another installation file, but it still doesn’t correspond to the size> 20mb ]. Antiviruses do not say anything .

    It is a pity that there is no way to send a complaint about advertising to moderators. Something like a button: "complain about ads." Wrote in Microsoft / Skype.

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