Vkontakte leads in the number of mat

    The little-known Byzantium communication group conducted an interesting study of the Russian audience of social networks. Unlike similar studies, here sociologists focused on drawing up a psychological portrait of the average user of Facebook, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki and Twitter. It turned out that the audience of these sites is noticeably different.

    For example, here is one of the results of the study: the number of mat per 1000 words.

    Vkontakte - 17.2 swear words per thousand
    “My world” - 16.3
    Twitter - 15.5
    “Classmates” - 15.4
    Facebook - 12.8

    The low frequency of foul language on Facebook can probably be explained by the small reach of the audience. This social network is still an outsider in Russia. When asked which social network is the main one for you, 36.5% of Russian users chose Vkontakte, and 32.6% indicated Odnoklassniki. Only 14.4% of the audience indicated Facebook (two thousand people participated in the survey). In the future, Facebook will surely be able to catch up with the “senior comrades” both in terms of reaching the audience and, accordingly, using foul language. But now Facebook users are distinguished by an abnormal culture and, according to the study, the largest vocabulary (richness of the language).

    Continuing to draw up a psychological portrait of users, a semantic analysis of user vocabulary was carried out and various expressive characteristics were identified: cynicism, aggression and hostility. Some results are shown in the table.

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