Russian community of MeeGo and webOS developers

    About a month ago, I was personally approached by the leader of the group of enthusiasts MajorDevTeam , a Russian group of developers who set themselves the goal of uniting Linux programmers who are not indifferent to the fate of the two abandoned creators of the MeeGo and webOS systems. The purpose of this appeal was quite simple and expected - to highlight in the most authoritative in the Russian Internet community (which is Habr) about the very existence of such a project and thereby possibly get all interested in your team.

    At that time, MajorDevTeamthere was no platform for the presentation of their plans - neither a website nor a blog. We agreed that when something that could be read and seriously assessed your participation in the project appears, then I will take on the modest role of describing the goals and objectives of the development team, given the fact that commercial benefits at the moment they don’t set themselves a goal.

    The most important question was the following - in the world there are already a sufficient number of communities, such as Mer, Tizen, Jolla, Open webOS, WebOSx, in the arsenal of which the plans are approximately the same as that of MajorDevTeam. One of the members of the group answers this literally as follows: "Everyone has a primitive desire to “develop the project” without a specific direction. If you make a cut of these projects, you can see that not one of them has achieved anything yet (has not done). Of course, we will cooperate with them (use their best practices) and our sources will be available to all comers . ""

    The main plans of the developers are as follows:
    • Creating a social network of programmers (like SourceForge)
    • Kernel recycling and driver insertion from OEMs
    • Porting to Samsung and HTC market leaders devices
    • Recycling UI (developed by launcher-a)
    • Integration with social networks and services
    • Development of a platform for developers (repository, market), for gamers (a social network - an analogue of GameCenter in iOS), as well as for lovers of photos, videos and music
    • SDK development based on QT (system development), Eclipse or MoSync (for development on html5)
    • Development and implementation of cloud services for data synchronization
    • FlashLoader development to simplify OS installation on devices
    • Development of a PC Suite-analogue for communication with a PC
    • Attracting major players to the project (hp, AMD, etc.)
    • Attracting public people working on MeeGо and webOS
    • When everything starts and there is time to develop a prototype, there are established contacts with Chinese manufacturers
    • And finally, all enthusiasts who will prove themselves during work will receive points convertible into money (this moment is being worked out)

    In connection with this project, there would be very interesting feedback from the Habr participants and an objective assessment of the goals set - their need, degree of courage and, in fact, options for practical application of the results in the future.

    The project site is here - MajorDevTeamRu

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