Free gateways from Skype to SIP and vice versa

In the process of working on one project, it was necessary to organize a conference call between people located in different time zones. At the same time, the project is still non-profit, so access should be free.

At that time, I already had a working server with FreeSWITCH, used as a PBX for one subscriber.

Almost every participant already had Skype, i.e. Ideally, you need people to get to my friswich from Skype. Well, the very advanced ones could also launch the SIP client.

To date, several free gateways for calls from Skype have been found:
  • skype: bgopen - provided by the Bulgarian provider After the call, you can dial any extension from Some complain that calls sometimes break.
  • skype: - entry point of the Russian provider SIPNET. After the call, you can dial the subscriber number. If the friswich has one of the gateways registered on the sipnet, we get an incoming call to the frisvich.
  • Perhaps the most interesting option: the service provides free access in development mode. Each application receives a unique number that you can call from Skype for free (numbers from the draw country code +990, so Skype does not take anything for them). Accordingly, if we make an application consisting of a single transfer () call to our SIP URI, we get a free gateway that forwards calls to our station. The only minor inconvenience is that their server is in America, so there is a noticeable delay in voice.

For calls from SIP to Skype, there are also several options:
  • service allows you to forward incoming SIP calls to your registered Skype account
  • service has recently introduced a Skype call service, and you can call any Skype account.

Also, FreeSWITCH can automatically enable conference recording as soon as there is more than one participant in it. It helps a lot if people are in different parts of the world and always someone cannot join - he has the opportunity to listen to the recording later.

UPD: in February Tropo announced the termination of support for Skype-numbers, but the service is still running

UPD2: in the comments, additional useful information about the listed and other services

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