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    Here it is our summer. Third we lost already somewhere. What to do? Give me a friend, advice. Rest with a twinkle. La la la la la la. La la la la la la.

    In Djira on the board as on the edge, so-so that you can not see the top, the mountains of estimeytov, cry in the pillow. Head is spinning. La la la la la la. La la la la la la.
    The intro for the 176th edition of Digest MBLT DEV from Sasha Cherny is fine, as is the digest itself, which Ruslan Gumenny, Alexander Zimin and Ivan Kozlov prepare every Friday together with Sasha.

    If you still do not read our iOS digest, then we sincerely do not understand why. It's time to fix it.

    iOS 12: news in notifications

    Yura Petukhov from e-Legion prepared a review of new features in notifications and supported the material with practical implementation. Not without seals.

    Split Testing (A / B Testing) with Swift

    If you are a grocery specialist in the shower and want to test how changes affect the metrics of your projects, then this article with the code is for you.

    Smart Grid Sizing

    How to fill the screen space with repetitive elements? It is clear that UICollectionViewFlowLayout, but how to choose the right size? Here is a post about it. Consistent, moderately long, with an animated picture. Pleasure to watch.

    Swift's new calling convention

    In Swift 4.2 changed calling conventions. Now the function being called must itself retain and release the arguments passed to it. This means that the performance of the code will increase due to a decrease in the number of retaines / releases.


    Microwrapper over UserDefaults. Together with Codable makes it easy to save and restore the object.


    NSHipster remember? Not? And he is alive. Mat has a new project. We even wrote about him. Here are the first shoots. A wrapper for working with numbers representing a currency.


    Such a way to ask smart questions and get smart answers for those who do not trust the GUI when there is an old friend near it. Try something like curl cheat.sh/swift/sort+array or curl cheat.sh/swift/execute+external+program.


    Another Git-client for Mac and even Windows. It used to be called “GitClient” if you keep memories of 2016 Git clients. They say fast. If SourceTree tired, you can try.

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