Software licenses in a nutshell

    If you need to quickly see what a particular license allows / prohibits, then no one will explain this faster than the new tl; drLegal license search engine . This resource will be especially valuable for those who are not used to understanding long legal texts.

    If anyone does not know, tl; dr means “Too Long; Didn't Read. ”

    For each license, the main points are indicated: what the license allows, what prohibits and what responsibilities it imposes on the user. Plus a brief summary and a link to the full text. Now there are 24 licenses on the list on the site, but the list is replenished literally every hour: six hours ago it was 22.

    The search engine has not yet been officially launched, the launch date is July 9, so please treat with indulgence any possible inaccuracies. In any case, the idea is great, in the style of a simplified version of ToS on

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