3blue1brown and MIT in Russian

    Hi, Habr!

    Exactly a year ago, we - a small community - came together to translate the coolest educational courses into Russian (for example, the physicist Walter Levin ). Without money - just interest. And today we are to you - with the hope that you will like what we do.

    Instead of KDPV, the 3blue1brown video sounded by us (yes, we agreed to translate a video about mathematics, physics, computer science with the author of the coolest Youtube videos).

    People often ask why. Isn't it better, they say, to remain untranslated materials so that there is a motivation to learn English? After all, if a person is interested in the material, he will go to look at it in the original.

    But in fact, everything is exactly the opposite: it is good materials that make a person interested. Video 3blue1brown proves that mathematics is interesting and logical to someone who is not familiar with it, and Walter Levin’s lectures can interest anyone in physics ( this is not a joke ).

    No less good and the participants themselves transfer. Some insert in the summary list of the translated and admire. For some, this is an excellent practice of English or translation. Grammar Nazis are pleased with the Russian language in educational materials. The voices of announcers now sound famous scientists and world-renowned professors.

    And, of course, it is very pleasant to feel that you have done something useful for education in Russia.

    The star, at the end of its life collapsing into a neutron star, begins to rotate up to 1000 revolutions per second - Walter Levin shows why.

    We really want the translation to be of high quality. The correctness of all terms, the observance of the style of the original, beautiful Russian language, all commas in their places. Therefore, we have compiled a four-five-step workflow:

    • Translator - translate text. Is logical.
    • The editor is the “second translator”. Checks the correctness of the translation, the Russian language, looks at the correctness of the facts.
    • Proofreader - monitors literacy, commas, subtitles.
    • Announcer - voiced. This does not always happen - we do not have enough free votes.
    • Installation for video lectures or layout for text material.

    (and the coordinator - in the role of proxy between the participants).

    The task of the tower of Hanoi. Well, who can leave it indifferent, eh?

    Now honestly. Habrazhiteli and harabrachiteli, we need you.
    There are a lot of courses, but not us. They are for every taste: natural science, technical, humanitarian, medical, mathematical, anything, and we do not have much time.

    Therefore, we call all those who wish to participate in any of the above roles.

    And we are looking forward to:

    • JS developers - we have a frontend on vanilla (we think about react or twist), a backend on the node and express and huge plans to create cool tools that will make the translation process faster and more enjoyable.
    • Designer - for the site and tools, we will not leave the design to the developers (as we have now).
    • Artist - to draw and creative. Think a lot about the logo and the rest).
    • Text writers of text lectures - because so far there is no one, and we have several unplaced materials.
    • All the rest - we are always happy with offers of help, and we have many, many tasks for everyone to suit all tastes).

    You can write about this in a blog or, for example, at sciberiascience@gmail.com.

    And we are in:
    Telegram ( chat and channel )
    Facebook , wherever without it.

    PS In the rules of the publication was asked not to add a lot of pictures. But this is a holiday of some kind! The author of this publication can not stop, I'm sorry, here's a spoiler for you.

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