IMDb, GrooveShark, eBay and more in finding Unity in Ubuntu 13.04

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  1. scopes ~ search source.
  2. My knowledge of English unfortunately did not allow a normal understanding of this construction: ... let's take a moment to doff our digital caps to both Mark Tully & David Callé
  3. as well as this: Yelp (the hey-cool-places-near-you-foursquare-sucks-by-the-way website)

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As part of the recently announced Smart Search API , up to 100 new search sources may appear in Ubuntu 13.04.

Why so many? Ubuntu hopes that by providing a variety of search sources, you can find more than you searched for without leaving Dash.

Ubuntu wants to be more useful and more relevant than it is now - as well as faster.

On / Off

Unlike Ubuntu 12.10, these search areas will not be constantly running in the background. They will “work out” only if they are necessary to provide “relevant” results.

If you are online, then this decision is made by the “Smart Search Area Service”, which finds out what is relevant based on user behavior.

Ubuntu call it "relevance crowdsourcing." I will just call the beginning of Skynet.

Most likely, not everyone will need all 100 search sources, but, as the developers say, it will be a simple matter: turn off what you do not need.

But what areas of search can we see in Ubuntu 13.04? What results do we expect to see with queries in Dash?

100 search areas - development in progress

Mark Tully and David Callé - this pair of prolific developers are responsible for most of the lenses and search areas available already and presented below.

This list continues to grow, so do not take it as exhaustive at the moment. In addition, some search areas for one reason or another will not be loaded by default.

Here are some of the services we can expect to find when we click on “Super” this year ...

Online music sources

  • Soundcloud
  • Grooveshark
  • Radios
  • Ubuntu one music

Music players

  • Audacious *
  • Clementine *
  • Guayadeque *
  • gMusicBrowser *
  • Musique *
  • Rhythmbox *

News. Weather and Information

  • Clear dark sky
  • Google news
  • Weather underground
  • Openweathermap
  • Wikipedia
  • European
  • Recipe puppy
  • Gourmet *
  • Yahoo stock
  • IMDb
  • Tmdb
  • Gallica
  • Wordnik

Art and design

  • Dribbble
  • Colorlovers
  • Deviantart


  • eBay
  • Etsy
  • Amazon


  • Foursquare
  • Reddit
  • Yelp


  • AskUbuntu
  • Devhelp
  • Github
  • launchpad
  • Php doc
  • PyPi modules *
  • Manpages
  • Texdoc
  • Yelp
  • Stackexchange
  • Ssh search

Utilities and local

  • Files
  • Applications
  • Calculator
  • Chromium Bookmarks *
  • Firefox Bookmarks *
  • Virtual Machines Virtualbox
  • Zeitgeist Web Archive
  • Google drive

The operation of elements marked * depends on the program.

What sites and services would you like to add? Have you used the search areas? Write in the comments ...

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