TeamLab - summer updates

    We have great news - the new version of TeamLab . This update is significant for two reasons. Firstly, we approached this release thoroughly - the structure of the Projects module has been completely redesigned and a new system of access rights for each module has been introduced. Secondly, this time we have implemented most of the most popular offers that users leave on the feedback page .

    So, what is so good about the new version of TeamLab?

    New projects

    • The interface is optimized: fields with redundant or repeating information are removed and filters are added for team members, managers, task and project statuses.
    • Now you can set the status of tasks: active, paused and closed.
    • Several tasks can be assigned to one task and several sub-tasks can be created for it.
    • Simplified work with project templates. Creating a template and a project based on it in a minimum number of clicks.
    • For users who want to leave the usual design of the service, it is possible to switch between the previous and new versions. To switch, go to Portal Settings , in the General section , scroll to Portal Version , select New Version (6.5) .


    rights The ability to differentiate access rights for each user in the Projects , Documents , CRM and Community modules has been introduced . For example, your client or partner will be able to view Documents or Projects, but will not have access to CRM and the Community. A more flexible distinction also applies to actions that users can perform. The same employee can have administrator rights in one module and be a regular user of another module.

    And now more specifically:

    Community module . A

    user can only create and edit his blog posts, wiki pages, forum posts, etc.

    Administratordo the same as user + edit any blog post, wiki article, forum post, etc.

    CRM module The

    user can create and edit a contact, task, event, as well as manage access rights in the transaction created by him.

    The administrator can:

    - do the same as the user

    - import / export data

    - mass mail contacts

    - manage any contact, task, event, transaction

    Module Projects The

    user (not participating in any project) has the right to:

    - view data open projects

    - create and edit your discussions and documents

    Project participanthas the right:

    - to do the same as the user

    - to create and assign tasks to others

    - to take into account the time spent on solving the task (time tracking)

    The project manager has the right to:

    - do the same as the project participant

    - edit the project

    - form a team project participants and assign the appropriate rights

    - create and edit milestones

    - edit any task, discussion, document and recording time tracking

    administrator has the right to:

    - do the same as the manager of the project

    - to appoint a project manager

    - create, edit, be removed and any project

    - to create / edit project templates

    For those who do not like long instructions and descriptions, see our recent webinar How to coordinate team work online . You will be able to see new Projects in action.

    Leave feedback and comments, we will, as always, appreciate any feedback.

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