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    Hi, Habr. I always wondered why there are so many kinds of competitions for programmers around, and so few competitions for web designers and designers. As you all know very well, so far many people consider the result of the designer’s work to be photographed hats with clipart and icons with gradients. In reality, in large complex projects, the tasks of the designer are much broader and more interesting: they include both the study of human interaction with the interface, and work with restrictions, the development of guidelines and the decomposition of scripts for quick releases. The designer can not do without the skills of presenting his work, without the ability to handle criticism and quickly respond to changing priorities.


    In coming up with the Russian Design Cup , we set ourselves several tasks:
    • show interesting examples of the tasks that we face in our companies;
    • to attract the attention of beginning designers, to interest them in the specifics of working on our projects;
    • enable designers from related industries to try their hand at UX-UI design;
    • just gain experience in organizing such contests; if the first pancake is not “very lumpy" and we see interest in the competition, we will certainly work on the mistakes and repeat it next year;
    • and, anticipating some commentators, of course, steal all the brilliant ideas of designers, realize them overnight and pay nothing to anyone.

    All jury members participate in the writing of tasks. The complexity of the tasks will increase from round to round. Some of them will be serious and require thoughtful analysis, some, on the contrary, will allow you to approach the solution as creatively as possible. The first round will go on for a month, the participants will have enough time to think over solutions.

    The format for presenting decisions is free - do as you please. Footnotes, links, wireframes, graphical interface, text descriptions. I am sure that the way a designer presents her work will influence the jury's assessment. In the assessment, we will not see whose solution is in front of us. Voting will be closed - if you go (or do not go) to the next round, then just get a letter about it.

    Since the project is an initiative of designers and practically an experiment, we were limited in resources and made only minimal functionality that would allow us to hold a competition. Without profiles, passwords and online voting, each participant will have a unique link through which he will get access to tasks and results.

    We also have an idea - at the end of the competition, put all the work somewhere so that the participants and any other people can get acquainted with all the solutions, discuss and enjoy them, what do you say?

    Here is the most important thing that I wanted to tell. Details of the rules and organization can be found on the competition website. Ask questions in the comments - I will answer and update the post if possible.

    And for a snack text from our PR specialists

    We invite designers and planners to take part in the Russian Design Cup competition. Russian Design Cup is the first such open competition held in Russia and neighboring countries. We want it to become a platform where talented and interface designers can try their hand and demonstrate skill. RDC will enable designers from all over the country to express themselves and open up new perspectives for them. In turn, the industry, thanks to the Russian Design Cup, learns about talented specialists. Competitive assignments will be based on real tasks that designers face during the workflow. The best work will be selected by the heads of design departments of leading IT companies - Mail.Ru Group, Rambler, Yandex.

    The most honest jury:

    • Yuri Vetrov, Head of Interface Design and Design, Mail.Ru Group
    • Oleg Andrianov, designer of Mail.Ru Group
    • Dmitry Zimin, Head of Interface Design, OK Rambler and Afisha
    • Konstantin Gorsky, Yandex Web Interface Design Manager
    • Alisher Yakupov, Head of Design Department, Odnoklassniki social network, Mail.Ru Group project

    Currently, the Russian Design Cup website is registering participants. More than 500 applications have already been received to participate in the competition. Declare you too.

    When and where?

    The competition will be held from July 1 to August 11 on the website
    What do you need to take part?
    You can take part in the competition if you are 18 years old or older, you are not an employee or a close relative of an employee of Mail.Ru Group.

    What kind of test?

    Participants have to overcome three stages - qualification, qualifying and final round.
    During each of the stages, participants will be asked to solve from 1 to 3 tasks in the field of interface design.

    And of course the prizes

    Three finalists will be awarded with Apple technology in the maximum configuration. The first-place winner will be awarded the 27-inch Apple iMac, and the 13-inch MacBook Air and iPad, respectively, will rely on second and third places.

    Follow the competition on the official RDC

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