Taobao officially opened in Russia

    The section "Hello, Taobao" on AliExpress is the official way for users from Russia to buy goods sold on Taobao in China. You do not need to pay commissions, delivery or look for dealers. Everything is as simple as with other AliExpress products.

    Following the discovery of the Russian Tmall, the Chinese company Alibaba Group, is taking a new step. A huge online shopping portal, previously available only on the local Chinese market, has become officially available in Russia . This is a completely unprecedented step in international online commerce, comparable to the expansion of Amazon, and Russia became the first country in which this platform officially began to work. Now it is not necessary to look for intermediaries, invent ways to pay with yuan, suffer with delivery and ask wholesalers to sell at retail. They promise a very fast delivery, just a few days. Information about the section Taobao in Russian .

    All interaction with the portal Taobao, including delivery - will be through Aliexpress, the delivery will be handled by the company Cainiao, the cost of delivery will be included in the price of the goods. It is still too early to judge the prices, what and where it will be more profitable to buy, but they promise a “real hurricane of assortment”. While the range will be presented with shoes and clothes, goods for children and appliances. Chemical products, industrial machines and similar products - until it is unavailable. It is even more difficult to predict what will happen with this initiative in the wake of future customs restrictions. Hopefully, Chinese merchants will find a way out.

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