BlackBerry 10 Jam World Tour in Moscow on June 26

    As an introduction, I’ll tell you that in one of my last posts I mentioned that last week we interviewed a representative of RIM in Russia. For more than an hour, we talked about the new platform of the company and the prospects for its development, felt new devices.

    BB10 really pleased me. QNX provides truly unique opportunities for users and on its basis RIM creates one of the most impressive platforms in the mobile market. If everything that is said will be brought to mind, then BB10 will completely compete with Android and iOS.

    It’s clear that the success of the mobile platform is applications. And RIM here also performed with dignity. For developers, RIM offers a lot of goodies. For example, simply porting applications from Android. For example, simply porting Qt applications. Creating a beautiful and functional interface in a few lines, the best support for HTML5, creating native applications in Visual Studio and Eclipse, etc.

    And one of the important steps to establish interaction with mobile developers is the BlackBerry 10 Jam - the RIM conference, which will be held in Moscow very soon and where the new platform will be brought to. The conference has already been very successful in America and is now coming to Russia. In our conversation, we touched on the upcoming tour, and they say that this will not only be the performances of the evangelists, but also good workshops with clear examples on creating different applications for BB10. Well, traditionally play alpha devices among the participants.

    Under the cut, the official announcement of the BlackBerry 10 Jam and a link to register.

    On June 26, BlackBerry invites Russian mobile application developers to take part in the Russian part of the BlackBerry 10 Jam world tour, where they can get detailed information about BlackBerry 10 and the benefits of developing software for the new platform.

    The BlackBerry 10 Jam World Tour is a one-day series of events designed to help developers around the world learn more about the BlackBerry 10 platform. As part of the first part of the conference, scheduled to begin at 9-30, developers will become familiar with the BB10 user interface and architecture. Further, during the day, BlackBerry experts will talk in more detail about the technological features of the process of creating applications for BlackBerry 10, both using the original development environment and using HTML5.

    The conference will also be attended by representatives of the RIM company, responsible for relations with developers, who will be able to personally answer all questions of the guests and tell in more detail about the advantages of the BB10 platform, with which you can create unique applications.

    Participants in the Moscow BlackBerry 10 Jam conference will be able to:

    • One of the first to get involved in the application development process for the BlackBerry 10 platform
    • Explore in detail the features of creating applications for the BlackBerry platform using HTML5 + BlackBerry WebWorks or the original C / C ++ -based environment
    • Communicate with specialists who will share development tips and provide the information necessary to be included in the process of creating applications for BlackBerry 10
    • Get a limited edition BlackBerry 10 test device

    You can register here .

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