WWDC and iOS 6: what are we waiting for?

    The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) will begin on Monday, June 11th. What do we most expect from her? Given that iOS 4 was introduced in June 2010, iOS 5 - in June 2011, I think we are all waiting for the presentation of the new version of the Apple mobile operating system. Of course, little is known about it so far, but you can highlight the key positions that seem most interesting in the presentation of iOS 6.

    New cards

    According to trusted sources, one of the key features in iOS 6 will be Apple's own cards. The company will abandon Google maps used since 2007 in favor of its own application with its own back-end. The design of the application, as they say, will be basically similar to the existing Google Maps on the iPhone, iPad and iPod, but it is described as cleaner, faster and more convenient. Apple, presumably, will replace its own groundwork and Google Street View, C3 Technologies is working on it. With the help of the company's technology, a 3D mode will appear on the cards - beautiful realistic three-dimensional graphics.

    Facebook integration

    The new version of the mobile platform is expected to be more closely integrated with the largest social network. It will allow users to easily share content with friends, especially for photos. In addition, in the App Store, according to rumors, it will be possible to “like” applications and this will be shown in the news feed on Facebook.

    Redesign of iTunes, iBooks, App Store, Camera, Photos

    It is unlikely that radical changes are waiting for us, rather visual tweaks. The redesign and redesign of the App Store is long overdue, but whether it will be tied to the release of iOS 6 and WWDC remains a question. Other applications will simply be improved, and they will likely receive the social integration, which is described in the paragraph above.

    Siri for iPad and more

    Most likely, iOS 6 will transfer the voice assistant to the tablet, at least to the newest version of it - not so long ago there were screenshots showing Siri on the new iPad. The situation with older devices is still unclear, most likely Siri will not work on them. Probably Siri will be significantly improved and "translated" into a number of languages.


    Undoubtedly, Apple is working on creating its own mobile payment system, an alternative to Google Wallet . However, at the moment, none of the company's devices supports NFC, but it may well be that this will not be needed - Bluetooth 4.0 can serve as an alternative. But it is unlikely that the iWallet announcement will happen at this WWDC, while there is little indirect evidence of this.


    Oops ... Most likely not. The new iPhone is likely to be closer to the fall and pre-holiday sales. Little iPad? Maybe, but not the place to present. New iPods? It is also unlikely.

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