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Today we updated the maps of Ukraine. Not a specific city, but the country as a whole. We made a lot of corrections and clarifications thanks to error messages from our users. In particular, on the map of Odessa you can find the new Langeron LRK , and in Donetsk - the Sky City business center .

We will tell about what is most noticeable.

Point number one. Meet 25 new cities on Maps. Here is the city where Gogol studied , and the legendary resort , and the former capital of the Crimean Khanate . However, each of them is worthy of a separate mention: Alexandria , Bakhchisaray , Bila Tserkva , Berdichev ,Berdyansk , Vasilkov , Drogobych , Enakievo , Ishmael , Kalush , Kanev , Kolomyia , Korosten , Melitopol , Mirgorod , Morshin , Mukachevo , Nezhin , Obukhov , Pavlograd , Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky , Truskavets , Uman , Fastov , Shostka .

In total, there are now 82 detailed maps of Ukrainian cities on the maps .

Point number two. Euro 2012 is approaching, and we want our Maps to help fans from other cities and countries easily navigate in the cities where the competitions are held.

We updated maps of territories near stadiums and airports in these cities (recall that the Ukrainian part of the Euro will be held in Kiev , Donetsk , Lviv and Kharkov ). Now you will see on the maps new buildings and terminals (the latter are signed, so they are easy to find), parking places and other useful objects.

For example, such changes occurred with the map of the Borispol airport: Point number three. The design of the map has been updated - but it's better to see it with your own eyes .

PS And one more thing: maybe not everyone knows about it, but a few weeks ago for users from Ukraine we launched maps in the local UA domain with the ability to choose the interface language - Ukrainian or Russian.

Yandex.Mart Team.

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