Hate Post on Russian Online Courses and World Records

    I have no words.

    Observing the leading universities lately, one gets the impression that they are rapidly moving in the right direction.

    Online courses Stanford University, Berkley and MIT in an accessible form

    MIT and Harvard invest $ 60 million in distance learning

    John Resig goes to non-profit KHAN academy

    What can I say, great SICP ( mitpress.mit.edu/sicp/full-text/ book / book.html ) has long been available in both text and video versions.

    And what about us?

    I started training at the KPI when Google was not there.
    The guys and I were obsessed with web stuff.
    We wanted to change the world.
    No one knew what would happen, but everyone knew what the future was for the web.
    Then Java applets ruled the ball. Microsoft had its own Java implementation and did not have .Net.
    About one heard about Python, PHP took its first timid steps.
    Haskell and functional programming were outside the radar.

    But since the idea of ​​free dissemination of information was in full swing, we suggested that the department post courses online. Then it was revolutionary. We were ready to translate lectures in electronic format. We were ready to take full support of the site. We were idealists.

    But the answers from the teachers sounded pretty uniform.

    - “Why do I need this?”
    - “And who will pay me for this?”
    - “Why will I give my achievements for free?”
    - “So this can be downloaded for free!” ...

    Many years have passed. By the standards of the IT industry, an entire era.

    altavista, aport ...? Who is it?
    5 inch floppy disks? lolshto?
    "Four" is P4? Yes?
    Delphi, FoxPro, MFC ...

    The other day I talked with a student who, by chance, studies in the same department, which I also graduated. Oddly enough, the same ideas came to his mind.
    With the same result. Zero.

    And for some reason I recalled a quote from Vonnegut.

    And he began to tell me about concentration camps and about
    how the Nazis made soap and candles from the fat of murdered Jews and all sorts of other things.
    I could only repeat the same thing:
    - I know. I know. I know .

    Hatred. Hatred. Hatred.

    But a holy place does not happen empty.

    And if people demand free “education”, someone will give it to them.


    “World record !!! 11111cos (0)”

    “Let's beat Cambridge!”

    “50,000 hamsters of participants”

    But somewhere we saw these guys somewhere, didn't we?

    Wait, oh shi ~ ...

    100500 "infobusinesses" all over the Russian Internet.

    Red text on a white background that makes you sick.

    "About ** training video on a freebie" on live by Tema Lebedev.

    Hatred. Hatred. Hatred.

    And this, gentlemen, is the face of online education in the post-Soviet space.

    This is a diagnosis of our educational system.

    This is ...




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