Yota launched LTE in Moscow

    Yesterday, May 10, 2012, Yota launched a new super-fast LTE network in Moscow.

    The Moscow Yota WiMAX network was disconnected on the night of May 9-10. Previous devices will not receive a new generation signal, and are already disconnected from the network.

    At present, there are 1200 base stations in Moscow that provide the city with a comfortable service area and a qualitatively new level of communication compared to the previous WiMAX standard.

    Technically, now the maximum LTE speed reaches up to 20 Mbps, specific indicators will depend on the radio conditions at each specific point. Here is the average speed test result from nightly network tests:

    For the period of issuing the devices, the capacities of the Yota contact center were increased 5 times, but the high load caused an inevitable increase in the waiting time for an operator's response on the line. Now the contact center in full operation continues to accept applications from subscribers.

    For some time, personal accounts were not available due to the technical work of converting to the LTE standard. Today, personal accounts are available in all cities. All customers who have received or bought new LTE devices now have free access to the Internet without additional steps. Gradually, all customers will be able to bind the device to the profile via the web interface.

    All active subscribers can exchange their device for free for free until May 20, inclusive, at all YOTA sales points andpartners .

    We invite all habrayuzers who have already tried LTE in Moscow to share their impressions of the new technology in the comments.

    Plus today a press conference will be held by Yota CEO Denis Sverdlov, ask your questions in the comments. We will definitely pass it on.

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