Wolfenstein 3D is now also in HTML5

    The celebration on Wolfenstein does not end there. On the 20th anniversary of Wolfenstein 3D , the id Software development company today released the HTML5 version, which can be played here .

    Under the cat video with comments by Carmack, a link to the free version in iTunes and collections of games from id Software, which can be purchased at a promotional price.

    Also published a video in which one of the authors of the game and the authority of the gamedev scene John Carmack comments on the process of passing:

    And now there is a temporary offer, according to which the game can be downloaded for free on iTunes. Do not miss out!

    UPD: The news is still published on the Bethesda blog . There are also links to Steam versions of Wolf Pack and id Software Super Pack , which can now be purchased at promotional prices.

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