BlackBerry Curriculum in Russia

    As you probably already know, the winners of a competition for developers held by RIM among students of Russian universities have recently been named. The final of the contest was held at the QNX Russia 2012 conference. The main award was received by Vyacheslav Prokofiev, a student at St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University, for the JobClouder application, specially developed for the BlackBerry PlayBook. received a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, as well as other prizes.

    By the decision of the jury, which included experts from RIM and SWD Embedded Systems, the JobClouder application created by Vyacheslav was recognized as the most creative and well-developed. “JobClouder” allows, using the PlayBook, access and manage content stored in the cloud, as well as work with remotely stored documents using an intuitive interface.

    Second place in the competition of developers of applications for the BlackBerry PlayBook-QNX platform was shared by Nikolai Abramov and Mikhail Figurin, also representing St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University. They were noted for their game “Fozzle”, which features an interesting interface and algorithm of work. The third place was awarded to Vladimir Boyko from the Saratov State Technical University, for the Super Traktor application, which allows using the PlayBook to remotely control the Claas Atles 936 RZ tractor model.

    This was the first competition organized by RIM for students from Russia. The main objective of this competition is to popularize the BlackBerry PlayBook operating system based on QNX technology. At the same time, as part of the competition, students had to create applications that met the criteria for publication in the BlackBerry App World, that is, ready to become a commercial product.

    But even more importantly, Research In Motion launched the BlackBerry Academic Program, a university cooperation program that will provide technical universities across Russia with access to training courses and materials on administering, supporting and developing applications for the BlackBerry platform.

    RIM plans to expand existing BlackBerry courses into existing QNX courses in Russia. Paul Lucier, managing director of RIM in Russia, explained that now the existing QNX course system has the opportunity to enter the development of applications for the mobile platform and said that he is pleased to see St. Petersburg Polytechnic University and Saratov State Technical University as the first participants in the program.

    For its part, RIM provides Russian universities with full access to all educational resources, including training modules, laboratory complexes, software and device support, to help senior students create applications, manage BlackBerry devices and services. The course includes theoretical and practical materials, as well as laboratory work, which are designed to prepare students for application development for both BlackBerry smartphones and PlayBook tablets.

    More than 640 educational institutions from 113 countries are already collaborating with the BlackBerry Academic Program in the world. Within the framework of this program, for example, the TargetFirstGrade application (also known as CibleCI) was created, designed to help teachers from developing countries work with students more productively in conditions where 60-80 people can be in a class. This school year, it is being tested in Senegal. Also, with the support of RIM, QNX Software System and Texas Instruments, an automotive technology laboratory was created at the University of Shanghai to study and create solutions in the field of on-board infotainment systems, traffic control systems and general-purpose on-board systems.

    About projects implemented as part of the BlackBerry academic prtogramm can be read here:
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