15 biggest deals on the Internet

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Complex blog has prepared the top 15 acquisitions of companies on the World Wide Web in history. Translation - under the cut.

15. Oracle buys ATG

Transaction amount: $ 1 billion
Year: 2010

Perhaps you do not know ATG or Art Technology Group by name, but more than likely you saw their work. This company has created the sites of giants such as BestBuy and Tommy Hilfiger. Oracle paid $ 1 billion for ATG and for its audience in 2010.

14. AOL buys MapQuest

Transaction amount: $ 1.1 billion
Year: 1999

At the end of the 20th century, AOL paid a little more than a billion dollars for MapQuest. It’s bad that he didn’t see Google Maps literally “around the corner”.

13. Microsoft buys Fast Search & Transfer

Transaction amount : $ 1.2 billion
Year: 2008

Microsoft buys FAST, a Norwegian company specializing in creating search engines. In 2009, the Norwegian police found out that the company carried out illegal fraud in 2006 and 2007. After that, ex-CEO John Lerwick resigned in disgrace.

12. Amazon buys Zappos

Transaction amount: $ 1.2 billion
Year: 2009

Zappos.com has made a name for itself by selling discounted shoes. By 2009, it was the largest online shoe store in the world. Then he expanded and offered all kinds of clothes and accessories. In the same year, Amazon announced the purchase of its younger competitor for $ 1.2 billion.

11. eBay buys PayPal

Transaction amount: $ 1.5 billion
Year: 2002

One of the first major sites of the first decade of the 21st century - the eBay auction was acquired by PayPal, because it is a safe and user-friendly payment system. Some PayPal employees have gone to work in promising startups such as YouTube and Facebook.

10. Yahoo buys Overture Services Inc.

Transaction amount: $ 1.63 billion
Year: 2003

In 2003, Yahoo! posted $ 1.63 billion for Overture Services inc., owners of search engines such as AltaVista and AllTheWeb. This purchase was supposed to help Yahoo! in the fight against Google. By 2009, Yahoo! strengthened, because it was announced that the search will run under Bing.

9. Google buys YouTube

Transaction amount: $ 1.65 billion
Year: 2006

In 2006, Google attracted attention by acquiring a one-year video hosting. Critics doubted that YouTube, which had repeatedly received lawsuits from film studios and music studios, was worth the money. Google doesn’t invest anything on YouTube, but today, the birthplace of millions of memes is the third most popular site on the Internet, after Facebook and Google.

8. eBay buys Skype

Amount of transaction: $ 2.6 billion
Year: 2005

eBay is back in the game, having bought Skype for an unexpected amount of $ 2.6 billion. By 2009, VoIP and video services were used in such TV shows as Oprah and Who Wants to be a Millionaire . In the same year, eBay announced the sale of a controlling stake in Skype to a group of investors. In 2011, Skype was sold to Microsoft for a huge amount - $ 8.5 billion.

7. Google buys DoubleClick

Transaction amount: $ 3.1 billion
Year: 2008

Google can afford to do almost anything thanks to a successful business model - advertising. AdWords and AdSense generate almost all of the company's revenue. In 2009, Googleplex paid $ 3.1 billion to achieve complete dominance in the advertising field, buying DoubleClick - an advertising company with an impressive list of customers.

6. Cisco Systems buys WebEx

Transaction amount: $ 3.2 billion
Year: 2007

Specializing in software for the corporate market, WebEx received a good amount from Cisco Systems in 2007. The $ 3.2 billion deal involved some reorientation for Cisco, known for its offline products.

5. Yahoo buys GeoCities

Transaction amount: $ 3.6 billion
Year: 1999

GeoCities is a free web hosting service, which in 1999 was the third most popular site in the world with 19 million unique users per month. Yahoo! bought this company for $ 3.6 billion. But the limited functionality and high cost of the servers meant that the time was up. By the end of 2009 Yahoo! closed this service completely.

4. AOL buys Netscape

Transaction amount: $ 4.2 billion
Year: 1998

In the 90s, AOL was not perceived as Google now, that is, a synonym for the word “Internet”. The dial-up provider and the largest Internet service made a major contribution to the acquisition of the Netscape browser in order to save itself from the tyranny of Microsoft Internet Explorer. Netscape was not able to distract users from IE, however, there were more browsers, so the project was closed. Several Netscape developers have moved to create Mozilla Firefox.

3. Yahoo! buys Broadcast.com

Transaction amount: $ 5.7 billion
Year: 2001

Yahoo! Broadcast.com purchases for $ 5.7 - the biggest bubble in internet history. This made it possible to make the name of an entrepreneur from Dallas - Mark Kuban, a household name. Unfortunately for Yahoo !, Broadcast's main function is broadcast aggregation. This feature did not provide competitive advantages and sustainable business models. Today you can hardly find signs of the existence of this site.

2. Microsoft buys aQuantive

Transaction amount: $ 6 billion
Year: 2007

To improve its position in the online advertising market, Microsoft paid $ 6 billion by purchasing a digital marketing services agency in 2007. aQuantive and all other services were subsequently rebranded and named "Microsoft Advertising".

1. Oracle buys Peoplesoft

Transaction amount: $ 10.3 billion
Year: 2004

The most expensive acquisition, which lasted a year and a half, was between Oracle and Peoplesoft, a business software maker. Larry Ellison, Oracle’s CEO, probably hasn’t lost too much to worry about: that amount is just over a third of his net worth.

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