Backing up to Yandex.Disk using Déjà Dup in Ubuntu and not only in it

    I have long wanted to finally set up backups in my Ubuntu. And here, after upgrading to 11.10, I saw the “Backup” parameter in the “System” settings. After a successful use with Ubuntu One , I realized that I did not have enough space (at the time of writing, 5 GB is provided). I was not going to pay for an extra place, because I don’t really need Music Streaming .
    After the recent announcement of ( more ) Yandex.Disk with 10 GB on board, I decided to set up file backups on Yandex.Disk. Looking at the settings, I found that Déjà Dup(day-ja-doop) supports Webdav. In principle, the program supports many storage methods, but the reliability and free of charge in Yandex.Disk completely suited me. Backup can be done not only in Ubuntu, but also in other Linux distributions. The program itself is included in Ubuntu from version 11.10, if you have a lower version, add ppa: deja-dup-team / ppa.

    And so, we have an invitation to Yandex.Disk (if not, we get it ) and Ubuntu with Déjà Dup. All screenshots were taken in Ubuntu 11.10 in English, so I apologize in advance :).
    Go to Settings -> Backup:
    Backup settings
    Next, configure the folders for backup and the schedule. In the Storage setting (I don’t know how exactly it is translated into Russian) we set the Yandex.Disk settings:
    Use HTTPS
    Port: 443
    Folder: in this case, I created a separate folder in Yandex.Disk / backup_ubuntu, since many files are created.
    Username: here it is.
    Settings where to store backup files
    After all the settings, go to Overview and start the backup.
    To request a password to access the server, enter the data to Yandex:
    Entering a password for the backup server
    Next, the program will ask for a password for backup. The decision is yours, but it is better to set a password, at least simple:
    Password request for backup
    After successful entry:
    Backing Up ...Backups in Yandex.Disk

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