Vkontakte promotes Google Chrome

    Many of the residents of Habra have probably already noticed for the rest of the screen:


    For several days now, VKontakte has been advising its users to install Google Chrome if they use other browsers. In an interview with Roem.ru, Pavel Durov spoke about the reasons for this decision:

    The initiative is entirely ours, we have been transplanting users from old browsers for a long time. Chrome is now the fastest and most convenient browser on the market, over the past couple of years, according to objective characteristics, it has come off even from Firefox and Opera. It is optimal for viewing VKontakte because we work in it ourselves and test services in the first place there. If after some time Chrome gets arrogant and some other browser comes out in first place in speed and convenience, we’ll PR it.

    Whether Durov is cunning or not, but the collaboration of Google and Vkontakte looks quite logical against the background of Google’s competition with Facebook in the West and the rivalry between Facebook and Vkontakte in Russia.

    Let me remind you that the advent of Google Chrome and its active promotion have already greatly affected the value of Yandex shares and led to a decrease in the audience of the Russian company. Mail.ru, which is the third relatively independent search engine on the Russian Internet, can also have dire consequences.

    The browsers Opera, Safari and Firefox are likely to face a further drop in audience and revenue in Russia.

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