The new game controller will add interactivity to the game

    Since the first game controller was born, a lot of time has passed, respectively, a huge number of changes have been made to the controller design. So high-tech game controllers are being released now that one has only to wonder at the agility of developers. Analog controllers at the time made a splash. Then came various sorts of “gadgets” that added even more interactivity to the gameplay. Developers from the University of Utah have created another conceptual controller, which, according to them, is even more interesting than the devices that existed so far.

    The fact is that this device, in addition to the already usual vibration, is able to stretch the skin on the hands, more precisely, on the fingertips. The idea, of course, is unusual, but the developers are confident in its success. They have already expressed the hope that such devices will be used in the new generation of game consoles. In general, it is quite possible that in the end this controller will become popular, but so far large companies see the future of controllers in their “tablet-like”, so to speak.

    Below you can see the principle of action of the development of specialists from the University of Utah. As far as you can understand from the video posted, the use of the device is quite specific, and it is unlikely to be convenient to work with in all modern games. Although, anything can be.

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