Adobe Shadow - making mobile website development easier and faster

    Each of us, at least once in the development of mobile versions of the site, thought about how to speed up the process of development, debugging and quick viewing of changes. Someone raised a local server for this, someone installed emulators, so as not to once again reach for the phone for viewing, someone made more crutch decisions. The guys at Adobe Lab took care of us and released today a great app for these needs. Drum roll, meet - Adobe Shadow!

    Adobe Shadow is a completely new tool that helps front-end developers and designers maximize the efficiency and speed of developing mobile versions of sites by optimizing the process of viewing changes and debugging on mobile devices. Shadow works independently of other Adobe products and is completely free so far!

    Version 1.0.0 was released today, in which the developers focused on the following features:
    • Linking devices to each other;
    • Synchronized surfing and updating pages on a computer and mobile devices;
    • Remote debugging for instant display of HTML, CSS and JavaScript changes.

    How to use all this business? Very simple!
    To get started, download the desktop version of Adobe Shadow ( Mac OS X , Windows , Linux most likely will not, it's Adobe ).
    Then, we put the add- on in our browser, unfortunately, so far only Google Chrome is supported.
    And finally, put the application on a mobile device ( AppStore , Android Market ). We launch, link our devices and enjoy the convenience!

    A small screencast from Adobe Labs, in which you can see in detail how it works: Official Adobe Shadow product page .

    The developers promise to regularly update the product, adding features, support for new mobile platforms and browsers. Have a good development!

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