“In Russia, they developed a torrent killer”

    Last summer on Habré, it was already mentioned that a program was being prepared in Russia that blocked downloading torrented pirated content. In all likelihood, this development of the Internet Content company, which became Skolkovo resident last week, has reached some development and its general director again described his achievements as follows:

    “Vysotsky. Thank you for being alive, ”and within a month from the start of the rental, as part of the film’s campaign to protect the film, we worked in torrent networks among Russian users. For 30 days of film protection, we blocked the distribution of 44,845 copies. That is, almost 45 thousand users were not able to download the movie, even finding it in torrent networks.

    Technically, the essence of the development is explained as follows: “Robots are connected to torrent networks under the guise of ordinary users, but, unlike the latter, they begin to search for addresses from where it is proposed to download a particular movie. A special type of traffic is sent to these IP addresses (like a DDOS attack), as a result of which the connection is disconnected and the download stops. ”You can

    read the full article about the new program on an external resource here .

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