In Russia, WP-smartphones are becoming more popular than the iPhone

    imageIn Russia, Windows Phone-based smartphones will outperform Apple iPhone sales in the first quarter, said IDC analyst Simon Baker. It is predicted that according to the results of the year, the Android OS will become the leader instead of Symbian, which will control about 43% of the market. Symbian will be in the second position with an indicator of 23%, Windows Phone will occupy 14% of the mobile segment, and iOS - 9%.

    For comparison: last year, smartphones based on the OS from Microsoft (including Windows Mobile) occupied only 3% of the Russian market (8.67 million units), on which the models running Symbian (48%), Android (32%) and iPhone (8%). It is expected that in 2012 sales of “smart phones” in Russia will grow by 25–29%, the newspaper Vedomosti writes.

    Officially started selling WP-smartphones in September. Since then, more than 250 thousand devices have been sold in Russia - the same as they sold devices with different mobile versions of Windows for the entire 2011. Microsoft President in Russia Nikolai Pryanishnikov called this result “the success of a fundamentally new Microsoft platform.”

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